Surfing in Hawaii

Because of the swells that roll in from the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii has some great spots. These spots are scattered across hundreds of beaches all over the state of Hawaii. You could literally spend a year these beaches and never have to surf the same spot twice.

The biggest waves in Hawaii are located on the North Shore of the islands. Waves during the winter are typically bigger than the waves during the rest of the year. The island of Oahu is home to some of the world’s largest waves. The north shore of attracts some of the best surfers in the world and hosts big competitions. Waimea Bay Beach Park draws huge crowds of people there to watch the big . It’s pretty typical to drive down the main highway and see several photographers just waiting to capture the big one.

These waters have swells that reach to be over thirty feet. prevent this from being a during these months. The waves pound the beach with a force so hard that it can be heard for miles. The summer months, however, bring a totally different Waimea. The water is usually calm enough for swimmers June through September. is also another popular winter destination for the same reasons as above… big waves. Lastly, don’t forget about the world famous Banzai Pipeline located at Ehukai Beach. The pipeline attracts world famous surfers to these incredible long tube waves. Be careful, here the water is extremely shallow and these great waves break over top of a . This can make for treacherous wipeouts. This is not the place for beginners.

is also another world famous destination, but for much . Wakiki has long predictable waves that are not nearly as tall or as threatening as their northern counterparts. In fact, Wakiki is a great place for beginner surfers. You can walk up the beach and find tons of different places to take a lesson.

on Maui is also a popular spot for the experienced surfer. There are lots of great beaches as well as spots in Maui. Lahaina is a great spot for beginners and there are a couple of different schools located here. Because of the strong winds on Maui, it is also a popular destination for wind and kite . Maui even has its very own kite beach. On any given day you can drive by a see the shoreline full of kite boarders, some of whom you’d probably recognize from the magazines.

Hanalei Bay located on the North shore of Kauai also has some great waves. The bay itself is crescent shaped and the waves here are also going to be the biggest during the winter months. The bay makes for some great snorkeling during the summer months.

There are also some great spots to surf and the islands of Hawaii as well as Molokai, they are just not as famous of some of these others. Whatever island you pick you can’t go wrong in Hawaii.

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