Packing for Holiday Travel

We have all seen those people with tons of arriving at the airport or traveling on the highway with their car crammed so full of items that they passengers have very little room to breath. There are ways to pack light for the holidays but to also ensure you have everything you need. This will definitely make your holiday much more enjoyable.

To help ensure you dont forget anything important, make yourself a list of items you cant leave behind. Keep the list handy so you can add to it as you think of something else. Make sure you check the in the days right before you pack. This way you can be sure to have outfits and that are going to work well for both the and the weather. You dont want to be stuck in the snow with nothing but high heels to wear for the evening.

Avoid clothing for holiday travel that can get ruined or stained if something gets spilled. You dont want to be self conscious about the drink you spilled on it. If you are attending parties then it is very possible someone else can bump into you. Be prepared for such to take place and try not to let them ruin your fun when you travel for the holidays.

If you will be staying in a hotel, chances are they will have plenty of items you need that you can eliminate from your . Contact the hotel directly or check out their website to be sure. Common items found that you can leave behind include , shampoo, conditioner, location, a blow dryer, and an iron.

If you do have to pack liquid items, try to use trail sizes or to buy small to fill from larger bottles. Make sure these items are placed in a make up bag or a bag. This way if they happen to leak they wont get on your clothing.

Take a close look at the and perfume you use. It is very possible that you can get by with only one kind of perfume and make up colors that offer you plenty of selection. This is more effective than your entire make up collection and then deciding what you will use once you arrive. You also want to leave expensive jewelry behind because you dont want it to get lost or stolen. If you arent able to wear it when you travel then it is best not to take it at all.

You will be amazed at how much room is lost in a suitcase due to not taking the time to fold up items properly. You have to get creative if you want to maximize the amount of space you have. It is easy to place socks and underwear into your so they wont take up any space at all.

Take the time to fold pants and shirts neatly into the suitcase so you can fit more of them in. You dont want to have your bags so full you have to sit on them to close them. This damages the zippers and it will result in you having to replace your sooner than you should. If your is chosen for inspection during your holiday travel it wont be such a chore for the inspectors if you have taken your time to pack wisely.


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