How to Enjoy A Vacation in Florence, Italy

Italy is one country that is rich in culture and history. The end of the dark ages paved the way for the Renaissance period which all started in the . Here, people finally tasted that later on spread to the modern world.

Florence was once the before the seat of power was transferred to Rome. It lies near the Arno River and is close the Tryrrhenian Mountains and the . Given its , it is no wonder that the people are able to make arts and crafts and sell these to its neighbors.

The city itself is quite small with less than half a million inhabitants. Travelers can take a to land at the . From there, tourists can rent a car to be able to explore the sights in the city as well as explore the neighboring towns.

Hotels in the are quite expensive especially those that are located in the center of town. The person can save some money by getting one near the Arno River, the , the Green Viale dei Colli area or one that is situated in the .

Tourists are advised to book at least 2 weeks to one month in advance since it is hard to get a place during the peak season, which occurs during July and August. The person must be sure the hotel has ample parking space since it will be difficult to find one if there is none available.

Thos who want to avoid this problem and are scared of getting lost going from one place to another can take the railway line, bus or taxis that are parked around the piazza. The people are very friendly and helpful that it will be easy for anyone to find the way back to the hotel should anyone in the group get lost.

If the person has a lot of money, Florence makes a lot of excellent things to keep as well as give to those back home. Some examples are jewelry, pieces of ceramic and leather products.

It is best to bring a digital camera with a few extra memory cards. This is for the tourist to capture the architecture of the buildings such as the grand palaces like the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, the Palazzo Strozzi and the Palazzo Vecchio.

Other places to visit are the Campanile di Giotto, the Piazza del Signoria, the Teatro Comunale, the arched Ponte Vecchio Bridge, and the world-famous Duomo/Santa Maria del Fiore that is better known as the Cathedral of Florence.

Those who love to see paintings and sculptures can go to the Uffizi gallery, the of the National Archeological Museum.

The landscape that surrounds the is also breathtaking. Signing up on a tour that is provided by the hotel or going on a leisurely drive will allow the person to see the countryside landscapes and the chance to taste some of the famous wines that are produced in these vineyards.

Wearing the right clothing will make sure the visit to this city is worth taking. This means asking the travel agent how is the climate since the weather is cold from September until June while it is quite hot in during the peak months of July and August.

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