Military Discounts for Universal Studios Tours

Tours is proud of the who serve the United States of , and to reward them for the great service that they provide, specially priced tickets are offered. These tickets are available for all , retirees, DOD personnel, members of the National Guard, Reserves, all other military personnel, and all .

If you are unsure whether you qualify for these special military prices, you should contact your Commander, , or Commander, Navy Region, Southwest at 619-767-6000.

In order to benefit from the special military prices, your tickets must be purchased in advance. These specially priced tickets are not available at the gate, online, or over the telephone. Instead, these tickets can only be purchased from MWR / offices located throughout the United States. You must present a military or US card when purchasing these specially priced tickets.

If for any reason your local base does not have tickets available for purchase, they will order them for you. This typically takes about five days, so take this into consideration when planning your trip get your tickets as early as possible. Dont wait too late, or your tickets will not arrive in time for your scheduled leave, and you will have to pay the full price for admission into the park. No exceptions will be made.

The only way you can order your tickets by telephone, and still receive the special military prices is by contacting the Commander, Navy Region, Southwest at 619-767-6000. Your tickets will be mailed to you, and should arrive within seven business days. may be available, but there will be an additional fee. Do not call the regular phone number for tickets or you will be charged the regular price. You will be charged the regular full price if you order your tickets online, purchase them through a Outlet, or order them through a travel agent as well.

The special military rates do not apply to tickets that are sold through the Hollywood Box Office. Again, for more information on these specially prices military tickets for Tours, contact your local base MWR ticket office or Commander, Navy Region, Southwest at 619-767-6000.

welcomes military personnel. If you have served your country, make sure that you take advantage of these very special military prices they were hard earned, and are well deserved!

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