Skiing in Andorra

The are located across the border between France and Spain. Also on this border is the tiny , as small country thats skiing crazy! With two prominent resorts, Andorra is an excellent place to escape it all; a relaxing, picturesque, quaint place, with mountain views to take your breath away. And because it is so near France, you can always make a stop off in Andorra for a day or two on another an ski break.

Andorra is situated itself across the Pyrenees, and has a long and protracted with snow sports. Since the installation of their first in 1956, Andorra has been a great ski resort, and a for the hundreds of thousands of ski who have wisely chosen to visit. For , you can experience the wonder of skiing in Andorra, and enjoy the surprising depth of culture Andorra holds so dear.

The Grandvalira resort is situated high in the Pyrenees mountain range, and benefits from astonishing snow coverage. It is the product of a commercial merger between two of Andorras premium ski resorts, and is now of a size and scale to compete with the big resorts north of the border in France. Grandvalira boasts an impressive 193 , with 66 mechanised s, making it a resort to be reckoned with on a truly an scale. Additionally, it boasts an impressive training school, over seven separate centres with 450 of s top skiing and snow boarding instructors. With a wealth of experience, the Grandvalira skiing school has an international reputation, and has achieved a high degree of success on an international level. Additionally, Grandvalira benefits from an centre, and a variety of world class restaurant and bar areas, making it a truly amazing resort, and a great place to spend a vacation with your family or with your friends. With such a friendly atmosphere, you will feel right at home in the heart of Andorra and the Pyrenees, yet still feel out of the way of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Another of Andorras most famous resorts is the Vallnord resort. Ideally catering for all ages and abilities, the Vallnord resort offers a challenge for expert skiers, whilst still enabling beginners to have a great time. Additionally, the Vallnord is more than well equipped for a family holiday, with something to keep everyone entertained and happy. A slightly smaller resort, it benefits from 30 mechanised s handling around seventeen thousand skiers every hour, and over 50 different slopes. It also offers a diverse range of complimentary activities, including other snow sports and even helicopter rides! Along side this, youve got two training schools with over two hundred staff working hard to help hone your skills. With this much talent and effort, youre sure to really benefit, and guaranteed to have a .

An excellent way to save money on a trip to Andorra is to consider a coach trip. Coach trips through are excellent ways to see a different continent, and to experience first hand the amazing scenery these countries are blessed with, as well as saving a great deal of money whilst youre at it. In addition to that, you can find some great package deals that stop off at various skiing locations around central , giving you a chance to experience a variety and depth of skiing conditions on your break. Whatever coach tour you choose, it is worth remembering that youre going to have to travel for a good number of hours, although once you get there, everything is fairly proximate, allowing you to experience different cultures and peoples without too much hassle.

Whatever your needs for a skiing vacation, Andorra is certainly a great location to choose. With such variety crammed into such a small geographic area, you can really experience ing without having to pay through the nose.

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