The Various Attractions of Denmark

offers a lot of exciting attractions to the adventurous traveler. is a part of beautiful Scandinavia, others being Norway and Sweden. has a great number exciting as well as interesting places for a vacationing traveler to visit. Copenhagen alone has number in interesting places to visit. Copenhagen is a city which prides itself with its rich heritage and interesting history. It has been called the land of ambitious kings and creative artists.

Copenhagen is a lively place to go around and present a number of attractions that will interest and appeal its many visitors. An excellent network of which include buses and trains help make going around for tourists easier and its friendly people would be willing to guide a lost tourist to get him back to enjoying the wonderful that the city has to offer.

Some of the attractions that you will likely find in this city are the beautiful ancient that spread all over the area. One of them is the Amalienborg which was built by Frederik V to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the House of Oldenburg, Amalienborg is actually a vast complex which consists of four palaces that is built around a square.

In the square, an of Frederik V stands imposingly which, together with the surrounding palace buildings, forms a breathtaking architectural ensemble that is just too good to miss.

There is also the Asistens which is also known as Copenhagen’s biggest cemetery. This is where notable people in such as are buried. If you are still amazed at the found in the city, you might also want to visit the Borsen or the . It is one of Copenhagen’s oldest and most spectacular . The was built by Christian IV during the 1600’s in an effort to make the city into a major financial center able to compete with Amsterdam.

What is remarkable about this building is that it was built on top of water and stands on filled-in foundations. With canals surrounding it on three sides, this building was able to survive various fires that may have destroyed it through the years. The building’s imposing spire is what makes The stand out in the whole of Copenhagen. This spectacular spire is formed by four dragons with tails intertwined and topped by three golden crowns which stand for the three Scandinavian countries.

Then there is the Stroget which is an open market where different modes of transportation are banned to allow thousands of shoppers to freely walk around the streets. The Stroget is an open air market filled with bars, burger joints as well as a variety of high end and bargain stores that haws everything available for everyone.

Walking down Stroget is always an experience in itself and should not be missed whenever one visits Copenhagen. And most of all, the excited visitor should not miss what is known as the most famous of Copenhagen’s tourist attractions, the Den Lille Havfrue or .

can be found sitting on a rock that overlooks the harbor of Copenhagen. It was inspired by the fairytale created by ’s most famous son, . There are many more sights that await every visitor here in and it is not all located in the capital alone. A more exciting adventure is always at hand when you visit the beautiful country that is .

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