Visiting Ukraine

Many people have visited the countries of such as , Germany and . As the cold war ended, it has opened new tourism routes towards the East. One of these countries that has a rich culture and lots of places to see is no other than .

This country can trace its roots somewhere in the 5th to 6th century when the first settlers decided to make a town. As the population grew, it became a city and this name has not changed. This is also the capital of this country known today as .

International flights arrive at the that is 40 kilometers from the city center. Visitors have to pass either through the green or red corridors. The documents that have been filled upon entry will have to be presented when leaving the country.

has another airport that is much closer to the capital. This is called Zhuliany-Kyiv, and only caters to domestic flights. A good advise to go around the city is to have the destination written in Russian or Ukrainian since the local cab drivers do not understand or speak the English language.

One of the things that tourist will appreciate in the aside from culture is the arts. It has paintings and sculptors from all over the globe. Visitors can see it at the National Art Museum.

Another good place is the Lviv Art Gallery in 2 Stefanyk street, which holds more than 53,000 masterpieces. Some of the famous artists who have work exhibited there are Goya, de la Turet and Goya.

also has one of the oldest churches in the world namely St. Sophia Cathedral that was build in the 11th century. Not far from this building is the Mariyinsky Palace that was one of the homes of the .

People have to remember for a time that was part of the Russian empire and much of the history and culture comes from these people. The palace is now used to hold presidential functions and other high level events.

Those who are thinking of studying in this country can visit the Kyiv Mohyla Academy. Build in the early 17th century, this is Eastern Europes first ever center of higher learning.

While Germany has the Rhine, Ukrainians are proud of the . Here, people will enjoy the fresh air while strolling by the bay and also get to see monuments dedicated to those who fought and died during the Crimean War.

A few feet away, lies another important landmark namely the governors palace where a footbridge called the , lies across the gorge.

Ukrainians are very health conscious which is why there are a lot of health spas in town. who are tired of walking and need to rest the body especially the legs should try either the Morshyn or the Truskavets.

The Morshyn is a regional health spa and the focus is warm and friendly personalized attention. The Truskaets is bigger and offers other things since it also has a gym, mud baths, natural springs and massages.

Sightseeing is just one of the things people do on vacation. The tourist must also remember to relax and have fun. From the From the hotel, people can hook up with a tour guide to see the various sights so the trip will be a learning and pleasant experience for all.

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