Outdoor Paradise in Colorado: An Ideal Honeymoon Destination

After the I dos and the reception, a couple commonly heads to their honeymoon. A honeymoon is a time-honored trip celebrated by newlywed couple. It is a time where solitude and intimate sexual bonding takes place.

These days, honeymoons take place in different destinations preferred by the couple. Oftentimes, preferred locations are those that are isolated, temperate, interesting, unique, and most importantly an amorous place.

is an ideal place to celebrate your honeymoon. Here are some romantic places that you may consider as you plan your honeymoon:


Its nearness to the will make you and your partner in touch with nature. You can walk together in Springs several parks and trails as you begin to plan ahead with family life. You may also want to visit the Cave of the Winds a popular tourist destination in the region of Pikes Peak in . More of natures sightseeing is the Garden of the Gods and Seven Falls.

A place to stay should not be worried since the place offers several housing which is fitted for newlyweds. You can opt to stay at some of Springs known luxury hotel such as the Broadmoor Hotel, and The Cliff House.


There are three destinations you and your partner can enjoy in , . On the west part of , you will be able to find Lake State Park. In the area are about 400 camping sites which are spread out on all sides of a 9600 acre park. The said park offers water activities such as , fishing and boating.

On the southern part of there are two well-known spots: (1) Lathrop State Park; and (2) .

Lathrop State Par is declared as the first state park of . You and your partner will feast on a good climate and fresh air suitable for your honeymoon. If you two enjoy the outdoors, you can go fishing, play or enjoy the many great scenic spots around the place. On the other hand, offers the same picturesque scenes wherein you can enjoy most water activities. You might want to try their famous windsurfing and water .


The water town, that is what means.

If you and your partner adore the outdoor life then you will leave the place filled with good memories. The town is known as the outdoor activity paradise. Be captivated with outdoor activities in the place such as rock and mounting climbing, kayaking, , fishing and hunting.

If for instance, you will celebrate your honeymoon during the winter months, will still be a well-fitted honeymoon destination since it has ski areas.


It is in Mancos specifically in where one can find the premier concentration of the cliff residences of Indians. It is considered as a place where magical locations exist. You and your partner will be able to discover the which offer sumptuous foods.

is a place where you and your partner can enjoy the outdoor life an outdoor life that is embedded with serenity and simplicity. After all, what you need on your honeymoon is a time wherein you can bond with each other and a time to openly express your love. You can do it in .

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