The Allure and Beauty of Hungary

What makes Hungary an attractive country to visit? First off, Hungary is home to one of the most beautiful cities of the world which is . This city is also known as the “Pearl of the Danube” and its striking panorama view is included in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. Hungary is one of those places that’s always worth visiting even through the many ups and downs that it has experienced throughout the years.

Hungary is also the place where exciting adventures and always await the eager visitor. The capital city of alone has a lot to offer to its visiting guests. For landmarks, there is a strange looking oval shaped stone that is located at a small park beside Clark ter. It might look like a modern artwork but it is actually the zero kilometer mark for the city of . This odd looking landmark is the official marking point from which all the distances from all over the country are being measured. It is something that every visitor should try and see.

Another place worth visiting in is the Buda Hills offers the tourist a of the surrounding city in all directions. The visitor can climb up the Erzsebet to enjoy even a more breathtaking view. Another place worth visiting in grand is the where beautiful still line the network that has remained unaltered apart from other establishments which have been thoroughly restored after incurring some damage during previous wars.

Walking through this district, one may be able to catch a glimpse of the remains of a or some Turkish tombstones found at the northwestern corner as one walks along the castle walls. can also be found in dozens here in as well as in all of Hungary.

There is the Spectacular Chain Bridge which not only looks spectacular but can also provide a visitor with a wonderful panoramic view of the beautiful city which becomes even more impressive at night. Among the many beautiful monuments found in the city include the Heroes’ Square which was built in the late 1800’s. On top of the spire stands the Archangel Gabriel surrounded by seven statues representing the ancient chiefs of the Magyar tribes who settled in the area in the past. The large open space serves as a memorial to the Hungarian War heroes and has become a wonderful attraction for tourists and local visitors.

Then there are several majestic churches that can dazzle your eyes as you go around . One of the most well known is the church of Saint Anne, which is also known to be the finest Baroque church in the whole of .

A work of a , this church graces the surrounding area with its imposing and graceful structure and is known for its strikingly original blue gilded pulpit that is unlike any other any visitor has seen. There are also a lot of beautiful museums to visit in where visitors can further learn about the ancient and colorful history of Hungary and how this country came to be one of the most interesting places to see. Every traveler should include Hungary as one of the many beautiful places that they can visit in their lifetime and it will not surely be a disappointment in any sense of the word.

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