Even though has many attractions, one
of the most popular is the beaches. There are
beaches on the peninsula and in Corona del Mar. On
the peninsula, there is the infamous spot “The Wedge”,
which is great for body surfing.

From the to Avalon, there is the
. This 500 passenger giant provides
the daily . For residents, the Flyer
is the preferred means of .

The Fun Zone is a great attraction as well,
offering a ferris wheel, merry-go-round, bumper cars,
and several shops and . Located on the
, the Fun Zone is great for kids.

The island of is actually an artificial
island found in . The island was dredged
and filled shortly before World War 1. Between the
island and the peninsula, the Island Ferry
works to transport pedestrians and their belongings.

also offers a wildlife sanctuary, known
as the . Nearby, helps to
provide shopping experiences for those who like to
shop and splurge.

For many reasons, is very worthy of a
visit or a vacation. Even though it’s one of the
undiscovered treasures of , there is plenty
to be found here. If you’ve been looking for an area
with lots of attractions, look for further than

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