Having A Terrific Time in the City of Rome

Rome was not built in a day and though the empire is gone, the remnants are still there. There is the which serves as the tomb of several kings, the Colosseum where gladiators once fought and the Roman Forum that was once the center of public life.

Aside from the former empire, those who are catholic can visit the seat of the church and get a chance to see the pope in .

This place is huge as it has 6 gates which comprise the Vatican Palace, St. Peters Square and the Papal Gardens. One of the things that people must not forget to see is the Sistine Chapel which is where tourists can see up close and personal the marvelous piece of artwork done by Michelangelo.

Every hour, the person will even get the chance to see the exchange of the s. These individuals famously known as the Swiss still wear the old colorful uniform of Helvetian soldiers dating back to the 16th century.

More for aesthetic purposes these days, those who wear the uniform are in charge of protecting the pope similar to the secret service who are in charge of protecting the .

The Trevi Fountain is another place that should be visited. People can take pictures beside the sculptors and make a wish after throwing in a coin. Tradition has it that those who do this will be able to come back to Rome in the future.

The most famous square in Rome is the Piazza Navona that has a lot of fountains and an old church. This place is very active because of the many shops and restaurants so the person will be able to rest while drinking some coffee, talk with the locals and get some gifts and souvenirs to bring home.

Another palace that has a lot of sculptors and artwork is the Palazza Nuovo. The museums faade was designed by Michelangelo as part of the Piazza del Campidoglio renovation. It holds masterpieces like the , and the .

There are two airports where the plane can land so the person can visit Rome. The airline one has chosen may land at Ciampino Airport or at Fiumicino Airport. From there, the individual can rent a car or take a cab to the .

Getting around to visit the sites can be expensive if the person does not know where to go. One can do some research before flying in or get a brochure to know where the bus and trams are located which will surely save money on food and gifts to bring home.

It is a good thing the transport system in Rome is well connected. Buying a metrocard allows the traveler to move around from one place to another similar to the one used in the system.

Should the group decide to see other cities around Rome, the Termini Stations is not that hard to find. This is very close to the Via Veneto, and the Colosseum.

Walking around Rome will be tiring given that some of these places are quite far. Instead of driving that could get the group lost or wasting money on cab fare, the person can check out the public tours that is being offered. This is still much cheaper than hiring a that will also go along the same route.

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