Sweden: the Jewel Within

Another Nordic country considered one of the best places to choose as travel destination is . Belonging to the Scandinavian group with common culture, is proud to unravel its majestic to the Arctic, beautiful metropolis and the rest of the area with low population density except in the capital.

Swedish people basically enjoy a high standard of living since 1930 with all the luxury a modern world can extend to every advanced country of good economic standing. It became a part of the in 1995 together with Finland and after silently keeping neutral in a cold war with the unified nations.

has temperate climate although its latitude location is in the North. The gulf adjacent to it played an important role in giving it a better climate with less harsher winters, though like most countries hit by the Arctic belt, the sun does not set in summers and it has periods endless winter night for a period of time.

of can be experienced in the Swedish skies every winter. Being called “land of the midnight sun” like , this happens because of the periodical winter nights with no sunset in the northern part of . Its boundary is separated from by a mountain range running longitudinal along the peninsula.

While shares a common culture and historical background with its neighboring Nordic countries, the country has a distinct diversity of its own. Here are the travel options you can read if you choose to visit the fabulous places in :


’s capital boasts its natural beauty with more than 30% of the area devoted to opens spaces and parks for a greener environment. Stockholm has exquisite , ornate monuments, museums, and superb landscape.

It has a unique island, in the city, , actually an old town much attributed to medieval influences, a place perfect to start a in the heart of the capital. With the hint of classic touch, the city unravels homely cobblestones making right of way to antique shops, old-fashioned boutiques, studios, and other cozy commercial establishments.


One of the largest Northern Skiing resort with world-class amenities is the slopes of Are, adjacent to Duved known for alpine sports. It has accommodation for heli-skiing and other extreme sport adventures like sleighing with dogs, snow boarding, ice climbing and the like. For the benefit of less active tourists or beginners, it has options for easy skiing for children and the novices.

Aside from the ice adventure, it also offers other sports like mountain biking, , hiking and leisure walking, mountain climbing and trekking.

is keeping the assets of medieval times with the grandeur of its medieval castles restored until the present day. The grand castles are owned by private individuals, royal families, government and institutions, where the structures are spread all over the country as monumental glory.

The structures have been maintained since the medieval period, including the recent of the 19th century renaissance era. These castles can be considered priceless historical heritage of .

The mentioned places are just a few of what can be expected of , cradled by the gifts of modern accomplishment and with the remnants of priceless antiquity. can offer both of this in one adventure.

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