Newport Beach Food And Wine Festival

If you enjoy exotic yet superb and great wine,
the Beach and is where
you need to be. Lasting a weekend long, the festival
is held annually at the Balboa Bay Club. Normally
held the first week of May, this is the
to visit Beach.

Although you won’t need martinis at the festival, you
can bet on some of the best wineries in
being on hand to pour their distinctive wines. You
should also come hungry as well, as the is to
die for.

On a , you can find of shrimp, a
variety of , fish, pasta, and many other types
of sea and exotic treats. Along with the wine,
this festival is a great attraction to Beach.

A highlight for the festival is the and
seminar, provided by Martel and Hamilton s.
During the seminar you can superb while
learning all about them. Also, you can learn all
about fine s as well.

During May, the Beach and
is reason enough to visit the area. There are plenty
of other things to do and see as well. If you love
, wine, and the water – Beach is the place
to be in May.

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