New York Sports

City is most definitely a city that loves its sports and cheers for the home team. is probably the best represented city and state in this country when it comes to league teams. I’ve never quite seen anything like it but I honestly can’t imagine a night when there isn’t some sort of sporting event taking place somewhere in this great city.

The National League that almost wasn’t is back and going strong. is represented well by the Ranger’s who have made a wonderful deal this year to woo Shanahan away from the . They play their home games at Madison Square Garden and have some of the most loyal fans. Even if you’re say from and visiting, and if the Rangers are playing at home then it’s the perfect opportunity (assuming you can get a ticket) to drop in and see how Shanahan is adjusting to life in the Big Apple and if he misses life back at the Joe.

Putting aside for now, there are many other professional sports you can enjoy watching while you’re visiting City. I think there are a few baseball fans in this city somewhere. I say a few because it seems that they had to create two baseball teams in order to contain all the fans. I will say though that these fans are loyal to a fault to the teams they support. The and the Yankees represent this great city in League Baseball and both teams draw loyal support from all their fans.

The amazing thing to me is that the double-teaming didn’t end with baseball. It seems that City also has two teams as well. The and the both represent this fair city to football fans across the country. While I have no favorite or even preference for all these teams and really have no idea how a city can survive with this sort of heated division. Obviously they aren’t as rabid as some fans can tend to be or there would be civil war within the streets.

All joking aside, it seems that so far there is only one team and they are the Knicks. I won’t go into how unfair it is to so improperly represent and because these guys might actually be getting the better end of the bargain-the entire city roots for them, not just half. With so many sporting opportunities it’s amazing that men in this city get anything at all accomplished without carrying a portable pocket television with them at all times.

I don’t know about your house, but in my house it’s difficult enough to schedule important events in our family lives around one local team for each sport (and we don’t even have a baseball team). I can’t imagine how women in do it. But to all of you women and the men you love, I have to say kudos for supporting your great teams and giving your many visitors such wonderful opportunities to watch our sports when we’re away from home too. It’s hard to identify one thing about this city that is the greatest but that just may be it.

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