Costa Rica on a Dime

If while you vacation is your concern then don’t worry, it can be done without sacrificing your comfort and good time. You should know that the off season is referred to as the Green Season and this last September to December. The would be the time that they come out of the Green Season. I don’t know if this means their rainy and has ended but when some families decide to go on vacation.

The first consideration is trying to get a good deal with the s to get you into Costa Rica. There are 2 airports, and . Liberia is located on the coast and San Jose International is inland outside of San Jose. If you purchase your scheduled during the green season you can save up to $150 per person on airfare. It is possible to fly standby as well.

The 2 main s into Costa Rica from the U.S. are Continental and Delta. Another possibility for on airfare has just surfaced. Costa Rica has given the official okay for 3 other s to land on their airstrips. One of them is an and it is the of . I don’t know if rates are available yet but you might want to check with them. If you are going to Costa Rica during the Green Season you are a person that likes rain. It might just be worth the extra money to go during the High Season when it is dry and sunny.

The Villa Decary has rates that run about $85 a night and it is located about 10 miles from the Arenal volcano. The hotel sits on the shore of Lake Arenal with a view of the lake from you window.


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  1. This is a great way to see Costa Rica on a budget that you can actually afford. There are also some green lodgings that are not too expensive and they are more in tune with the environment. offers several listings in Costa Rica that you can check out. This site lists the green features of the lodgings, as well, whether it is composting, recycling, water conservation, etc. This is a great tool for you to find a lodging that meets your own green standards.

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