La Jolla Caves

Along with the gives the
area, it also has some very nice . The
of are great for tours, exploring, or
anyone wanting to see the best of .

Carved into the sandstone cliffs of , there
are seven . Most of the time, you can visit
any seven of these by . Although
all but one are accessible by foot, you should be
very carefully when minus sweep the area.

The Cave is one of the most popular and
well known of . You can enter
through the by paying a small fee. There
are 145 steep steps to get through the cave,
which is great for exploring and seeing the area.

The can tell you many things about the
, . If you plan to visit the
area of , the can be a great
place to explore. Those of you who have kids coming
along for the trip, should remember to be very
careful – as the provide a of beauty –
they can also provide a of danger as well.

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