Transportation for Your Italy Vacation

When most people travel, transportation is a primary concern. How do you get from the airport to your hotel? How do you see all the sights that Italy has to offer? What if you are traveling in a ? What about public transportation? On your there are several options for transportation.

Many arrive in Rome so in planning your transportation needs you need to start from there. When you arrive at the airport you can rent a car from one of the several . In addition to there are the international names such as and Enterprise Rent-A-Car so you should be able to reserve your vehicle online in advance and have it waiting for you at the airport. There are 2 airports in Rome and they are called the Fiumicino and the Ciampino Airports. Buses and shuttles depart from the airports’ arrivals areas about every hour and can take you to the which is the . From there you should be able to connect to all other parts of Italy. Public transportation although it requires some advance planning, is always the cheapest option for your . You may also want to learn some in case you get lost and need directions or need help.

If your hotel is near the airport or is in Rome, you may also consider taking a cab. They are known as “taxis” here and most drivers speak English and can even serve as your tour guide if you choose. You may take a taxi out of Rome if your is starting outside the city. If your budget allows there are limo services at the airports that can serve your transportation needs when you arrive. If you are traveling in a you probably want to rent a van at least to get to your hotel from the airport. After that you can plan to join a as a group but its best to reserve tickets or space in advance if you want your group to stay together.

To see all the sights that Italy has to offer, you will do best by signing up for a . With very knowledgeable and friendly tour guides, your can be greatly enhanced by choosing this option. There are walking tours, full day tours and night tours. Budget tours and luxury tours. If you are in Italy for a very specific sight you would probably want to do a walking tour. The tour guides on those tours give a more detailed presentation as you walk through the sight and some of them know little-known facts that are hard to find or read anywhere else. Non-Italian speakers will be happy to that the tour guides speak English.

Also becoming famous are “transportation-included” visits to Italy. For your you may choose to visit a small village if you want to see Italy without the crowds. Many inns and bed and breakfasts provide options that include transportation around the village.

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