Visiting the coast for your Italy vacation

If you are like many people you need to see some water to feel like you are truly on vacation-lots and lots of water! Italy boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and resorts in all of Europe.

The is just south of Naples and you may want to visit this area as part of your . Amalfi is a resort town also known for its . Not only do you get the sea here but this is the region that has the famous cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum and also the Mt. Vesuvius volcano. During your here you will find that public transportation is very easy to use especially around the Bay of Naples. If you do decide to drive around here on your you must remember that the roads along the coast tend to be narrow so you have to be very careful. There are several beach hotels and resorts and along with the and green- this promises to deliver a beautiful .

If you would prefer a seaside vacation away from most other tourists you would do better to visit the old fishing villages along the . The is a portion of the that lies between the Liguiran Sea and the mountains. The capital of the is Genoa. During your in the area, you will find that fishing is a huge part of the economy here. The fishing village of is world famous and tends to be visited by many tourists but it will not be as crowded as the .

Here you will find the Statue of Christ of the Abyss placed about 17 meters under water to protect the fishermen and divers. Beach resorts in Japan and Orlando, Florida have been built to recreate the details of the Harbor on the .

For more beautiful during your , you may want to visit Bordighera. This is also a fishing village along the . There will probably be fewer crowds here and this place is known for being a vacation spot for the wealthy in Europe. The palms used on Palm Sunday in the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome are from Bordighera.

If you love seafood, you will have plenty of opportunity to indulge in delicious delicacies while you are visiting the coast for your . Seafood is a big part of these regions and you will be able to taste the freshness in the meals prepared by the you eat at along the coast during your vacation. Some of the best seafood in Italy will be found along the coastal regions.

During your here you will get the chance to sample some mouth-watering herb-crusted shrimp, scallop linguine and traditional halibut fish with leeks. Olive oil, garlic and Italian sweet parsley are widely used in seafood dishes here along with other Italian herbs such as basil, oregano and rosemary.

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