1000 Lakes

When you hear the phrase Land of 1000 Lakes, what comes to mind? Well if it is the great state of , you may have already known that this is the nickname of this wonderful part of the n experience. is nestled up near the and represents one of the great undiscovered secrets for sightseeing and vacation fun in this country.

When you decide to book as your vacation of choice, you are showing some shrewd knowledge of na that not many have taken the time to learn about. Because is one of the most beautiful states in the union both for beautifully tailored modern city scenes and for breath taking outdoor adventure as well.

The twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are nestled into the landscape quietly producing one of the most diverse and sophisticated city experiences in all of . While you might not have been looking, Minneapolis and St. Paul have quietly developed some pretty serious claims to fame including

*The comedy The had its fictional location occurring in Minneapolis. The scenes of snow falling and the way people cope with such a climate became a subplot for that show.

*The wonderful radio variety show A Prairie Home Companion originated and is still often broadcast from St. Paul, . This wonderful, often gives loving lampoon the quirks of the Scandinavian and Lutheran cultures that are well ensconced in .

* is the only state to ever elect a , Jessie Ventura as governor. And he did a pretty good job.

*The exciting Prince is a product of the culture.

There is a lot to see and enjoy in the rustic landscape and in these modern cities that make up the urban centers of this wonderful state. You might be temped to save your trip to for the summer time. But you may want to actually change that plan as can provide some experiences in the dead of winter that are not to be missed.

Ice fishing is a specialty and one you may want to book a guide to enjoy first hand. There is nothing like sitting in a heated shack out in the middle of a frozen over lake and fishing through a hole to bring up a big catch for making a memory that you will be telling people about for years to come.

Then when you head into town, be sure to be in when Minneapolis holds their annual Ice Festival. The entire city turns out to admire magnificent ice sculptures that the talented artists create right there in the middle of the city. But any statue they make will pale when you watch with wonder as the in construct the mammoth Ice Palace that you can wander through just like a castle in old Europe. You will marvel as that Ice Palace actually can be heated and people can book rooms and stay over in it once the wizards that make this marvel happen do their stuff. And to think, if you come back in six months, that amazing structure will melt away like yesterdays ice cream cone.

You can see that overlooking as a destination of choice for unique sightseeing and vacation excitement is not a mistake you want to make. We have only scratched the surface of the great fun you can have on your trip to the great white north. So make your plans to get up there and enjoy this very unique place with their rich Scandinavian Lutheran culture. And who knows, maybe you will learn how to carve out a small sculpture from the ice in your refrigerator before you leave.


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  1. It is virtually impossible to travel in Italy without discovering something historic – Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the planet, and there are plenty of things that UNESCO doesn’t trouble numbering that are probably older than whatever you’ve seen before. Italy is a country with history.

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