Campervan is a type of a camping car. This class B provides both traveling facility and home like stay.

These are smaller than the Motor homes, but provide similar luxury. These are also called motor-caravans in UK.

The structure of the campervan is similar to the van, in which a raised roof spacious compartment is built on the rare side. These roofs are called pop-up roofs and they can be adjusted or fixed on the top.

The include a small sized kitchen. There is an electric/, and a grill inside.

The campervan comprises of water heater, shower and a . The electric equipments inside the campervan operate on a separate dedicated battery or the van battery.

The equipments can be run on the AC supply that may be provided on the camp site.

Microwaves can also be transported in a campervan. The consist of radio, and television. The holidays can be enjoyed at leisure in a campervan.

For hot regions, AC can be turned ON, while in the cold regions heater can be used. There are no worries about water while traveling in a campervan, as the van comprises of small .

The is provided so that one doesnt have to face the scorching heat of the sun.

The are also known as Dormobiles in UK.

In Australia, they are called as Kombis.

In North , Roadtrek is the most famous company manufacturing the . For the bases of , full sized strong vans such as Toyota Hiace, Ford Transit, and Datsun are used.

Volkswagen is the most popular campervan manufacturing company. This company manufactured the historical Camper. There are several other types of that are manufactured by this company.


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