Car Rental Insurance

In most of the states of the country, the rental companies can not refuse to rent a car if the consumers do not purchase insurance.

However, many companies try to charge an insurance amount from the clients. This coverage is optional. One may not feel the need for a separate insurance cover due to other , like the car or .

The that companies try to sell is of four types- , personal accident insurance, coverage and supplemental .

It is the need of the hour to have an for the . One may be trying to save on auto insurance and may not want to pay for the coverage.

However, insurance on s is quite important. The most important reason of having insurance on a is to reduce the accumulated cost and time with regard to the . In case of breakdown, you might take it to a body shop for repairs and higher .

This process may turn out to be extremely time consuming and may cause a lot of . The process of car repairing takes sometime as one cant predict the damage, just by looking at the car externally.

All these issues can be addressed, if one has an insurance cover that allows one to have a complete replacement if the car is damaged beyond repair.

In case of opting in for insurance, the rental companies provide coverage for any damage occurred or encountered.


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