Why Car Rental Companies Insist On Credit Card For Obtaining

Why Insist On For Obtaining Reservation

All the major insist on payments by . This is a standard practice because are fast, secure and reliable.

Almost every company in the field of demands a while renting the car. Apart from seeking , an authorization is also obtained.

This is basically done to cover any expenses related to potential that may be caused due to a number of factors. In short, the is a kind of against damage or loss that may be caused.

In case the car is returned in perfect condition, no charge is levied by the . In such a case, the only fee charged is the .

If there is any damage to the car, the will instantly charge the damage cover. This is done as per the terms and conditions of the agreement.

The does not add up to the credit immediately after renting the car. The only amount that is charged is an advanced charge approval.

This means that some amount is reserved by the from the . This amount is reserved as an amount that you may have to pay in case of damage to the car.

The do not accept or a check card. The main is because it is not possible for the to process advance charge approval for the .


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