European Luxury Tours towards Avignon, France

Avignon, France, is yet another pride of the said nation. Being nestled in the country as its commercial center is quite a reputation to boast of. The city itself has had its own taste of the chaotic uprisings staged during the French Revolution and . It had likewise witnessed the very famous historical incident known as the .

Moreover, Avignon is well known for being the home of most antipopes. The have moreover survived the passing of time. These and a lot others are plainly the sights that people like you who take part in a an may delight at.

Avignon is among the top that must be visited. Most travelers say that at the end of their stay, they almost have a heavy feeling of leaving the city. But, with all the memories at hand, they can always be comforted. For your plan of touring around , taking some time to go to France’s city will surely be a wonderful undertaking. Here are some of the that you may take a look at. Certainly, they are all capable of touching your hearts.

The of Pont St. Benezet and Pope’s Palace Le Palais des Papes contain the exceptional Gothic architectural styles that will obviously prompt you to stare in amazement. The building’s interior is nonetheless equipped with the crafts of arts which go in volumes. At one point in time, a great fire ruined the entirety of the and for one, only a is left undamaged.

Several travelers are deeply amazed by the genuine Gothic structural refinement of the palace. More so, it stands as the biggest Gothic styled building in the entire . Any attack will be left futile because of the natural rock materials that make it up.

The Tour Philippe le Bel is a tower that had been established by Philippe the Fair in . It was during this period that Avignon was yet the main entry point towards France. As you get into the topmost portion of the tower, you can marvel at the breathtaking scenery of the whole city.

If you want to witness a structure that furnishes the Baroque fashion, you better see the Musee Lapidaire. It was built at the peak of 17th century and was principally inhabited as the Jesuit church.

Today, you may find the various statues and sculptures that project a variety of an and world civilizations being displayed for everyone to see. At times, you may be taken aback by how frightening some may appear to be but they are a fraction of their distinct histories.

Another worthwhile destination is the Musee Requien which is located just near Musee Calvet. This botanical museum houses a variety of specimens hailing from countries around the world.

If paintings are your cup of tea, drop by the Musee du Petit-Palais which showcases the Italian art works which date back from the 13th down to the 14th centuries. The collections display the crafts of the renowned artists from Siena, Venice, Florence, and Lombardy. Other Roman and Gothic sculptures are as well housed therein.

Another home to the popes is the Cathedrale Notre-Dame des Doms. You may see the statue of the Virgin therein which dates back to the 19th century.
Of course, you may pass by the famous Avignon Bridge which, as history specifies, was the route which transported St. Benezet to Villeneuve. From the then 22 arches, only 3 of them have survived. But at any rate, it has retained its majestic appeal through time.

A an to Avignon is indeed a definite itinerary to take.

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