Four Faces

There is a hidden treasure in this country. It is a vacation spot that has amazing mountains, lakes for fishing and boating and something very special to top it all off as well. That hidden treasure is tucked in the .

For most people, when you think of great sightseeing vacation spots, you might think of , California, Florida or Colorado. And too be sure, those are outstanding American sightseeing locations. That is why this hidden treasure is such a gem. The Black Hills provide all of the pleasure of mountain relaxation but without the crowds that you will run into in Colorado or one of the major tourist destinations like Yellowstone. The Black Hills have ample sites for camping, lakes for fishing or boating and trails for hiking so you can commune with nature to your hearts content.

Moreover, you may find the Black Hills to be even more rustic than some of the better known . Dont be surprised as you drive along on your way into those beautiful mountains when you find yourself in the middle of a large herd of buffalo or elk roaming free in the wilderness of . That to face contact with wildlife and nature is quite common in these scenic hills.

But of all the that these beautiful hills hide, one magnificent national treasure stands out as a location that every family will want to visit at least once if not many times. And that is the famous Mount Rushmore National Memorial. This memorial to the leaders of this great nation in its first 150 years is famous for its power, its elegance and what it says about greatness in America.

When you first walk out on the visitors center plaza and glimpse these magificent memorials to , Jefferson, Roosevelt and , your reaction will be typical if you cannot help but say wow. Part of it is the sheer size of these amazing works of art. We, as Americans, are always in awe of the talent that God gives to great artists. But when the outcome of the artistic vision results in a memorial that is the size of a mountain itself, that is a sight that leaves a lasting impression on the heart and on the soul.

We wont give away any secrets but be sure you watch the film that gives the story of the creation of these amazing sculptures of the heads of four of our greatest presidents. With most works of art, we see the skill, talent and effort of one inspired artist working to complete his vision. But when you look at Mount Rushmore, you have to notice that this kind of tremendous work of art could only be the result of the work of an army of workers along with the legislative skills of Congress to approve the project and the tenacity of a team of designers and visionaries to see the project through the many years that Mount Rushmore was in the making.

Many movies have been made at the site of Mount Rushmore and it has been depicted often in photographs and engravings showing the great patriotic locations around the country. Truly, Mount Rushmore ranks right up there with the great statues on the DC mall, the historic sights in Boston or or any of the great architectural wonders around this great land of ours.

The simple elegance of those faces will make you want to draw closer than is humanly possible to bond with this art in a greater way. But the park officials are wise to keep the eager crowds back to the observation deck because not only is it possible to get hurt coming too close to these great statues, you really cannot truly appreciate their grandeur and beauty except from a distance of almost a mile away.

As you and your family leave the , you will all have different impressions and inspirations that come from viewing a work of art of this scope and magnitude. Take advance of this moment of quiet reverence to reflect together on how the impact of Mount Rushmore inspires greater patriotism in all of us and a call to great achievement in even the most average of Americans. If that is your inspiration, the creators of the will feel like they have done their jobs well.

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