Four Presidents and a Lady

When you think of the breath taking splendor that is the North American continent, it seems we will never stop being astounded by the beauty all around us in this phenomenal land that God has given us for our home. But every now and then as you re sightseeing in this magnificent land, you gaze upon something so breath taking, so inspiring and yet not entirely made by nature.

We have in diverse locations around our countryside some of the most phenomenal man made works of art that have ever been created. that any vacation that sets out to see the wonders of our nation would have to include trips to see such amazing creations as these man made sights that our culture has produced.

Mount Rushmore in South Dakota is a perfect example of a magnificent sightseeing stop that combines the greatness of nature with the creativity, tenacity and artistic talent of mankind. In addition its a well crafted monument to the greatness of our leadership especially in the early years of the federation.

It is almost impossible stand and not be awed by these mountain sized tributes to George Washington, , Theodore Roosevelt and . Some might say that we are participating in a bit of making such grand statues to our early presidents. To that I say, guilty as charged. And why should we not hold these men as the tremendous heroes that they were and still are? And Mount Rushmore only dramatically brings out our of gratitude and respect we have for these early presidents who put all on the line to make this country the great nation that it is.

The statue of liberty in the is just the kind of fantastic man made sight that both makes its visitors go wow and inspires everyone who sees it because of what that statue stands for. Just like the monuments at Mount Rushmore, Lady Liberty, as she is called is also stunning for the striking of the harbor and of to her North.

As much as we sometimes have mixed feelings about the relationship between the and our own, this gift that the French gave to our nation when we were just becoming a real country of our own is such a beautiful reminder of the value and enduring friendships America has with the international community. But more than that, because so much of our citizenry came to this country with little more than a dream and the clothes on their backs, the Statue of Liberty is a dramatic statement that this country is the home of the brave, the land of the free and the place people come to know true liberty in a world where freedom and opportunity are often very scarce indeed.

But not all of the man made wonders you can take in when sightseeing all over America are statues. In a way, the city of Washington DC itself is one huge work of art. This is particularly easy to see when you watch video of shots of the city taken from a helicopter that shows the stunning view looking down the Washington Mall. The elegant and simple Washington monument stands proudly in the center surrounded buy the reflecting pool, the , Congress and the most amazing art museum campus in the world, the many buildings of the . The beauty of Washington is so unstoppable that it could not even be contained to one building. Instead to really get a feel for this amazing artistic creation, you need lots of time to explore the nations capital on foot.

The man made wonders that are welcoming you as a visitor all over America are more evidence of how great this country really is. And because they all touch us so deeply because of the combination of the beauty of art and the wonderment of nature, they point to what makes America great too. And that is the glorious country God gave us to live in combined with the heart of a great people who are the nation called America.

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