France Festivities for a Unique European Vacation

The French people say that their country is exceptional. In this case, you might be also interested to take a trip in this prominent European country.

The awards the title of being the biggest country there is in it to . The and , beautiful array of villages, resorts, and the prospect of are all enveloped by .

Likewise, don’t be shocked if you see the French natives adorning themselves with lots of ways to improve their physique because they place a high regard to their bodies as a gift from their Creator. In this case, they value extreme sports. Among of the that the country popularizes are paragliding, hiking, skiing, boating, swimming, diving, and many more.

Also, whenever you make the effort of learning their language, you must talk like the French people talk. They love their language so much that they see it as the most captivating one in the whole world.

Now you might be thinking about where you will drop by in . Here are some pointers that you may want to take a look at as you decide on your destinations in . They are the highlights that you will surely look forward to.

The French Merriment

Besides the festivities of the and that of the , there are a spectrum of religious, arts, and that the French people celebrate. If you are interested to partake in these noted festivities, you may travel close to their celebration date. Of course, the French people never fail to employ sumptuous food and wine.

The New Year and Grande Parade Paris are welcomed with a in January 1st.

The Mardi Gras Nice is a two-week affair that transpires in between February to March. The grand celebration is held with lively street parades, street parties, fireworks, and the famous monster lights.

The is another much awaited event that occurs in the middle of the month of May. Even though you are not a part of the star circles, you can always take a look at the honored films, actors, and film makers in this celebration.

The Gypsy Festival is celebrated in mid May or October. Real and acting gypsies come together to celebrate it with lively music and dances.

In June, the well attended Music Festival is aired.

July 14 is reserved for the celebration of . It is regarded as the grandest and biggest festivity that stages annually. Street parades and parties accompany the event which aims to recall the historical account of the French Revolution.
Also celebrated in July is Tour de . The three-week long cycling race event is one wherein the participants need to transverse a 2000-mile road length.

The months of July and August paves the way for the festivities of the Festival d’Avignon with the prominent Arts celebration as the highlight.

Also, the Festival Interceltique that is celebrated in August showcases the Celtic music and culture which is staged in Brittany.

Whether you are planning to visit this European country alone, with friends or with your family, there’s so much for you to do and see. Moreover, a unique European vacation will be more interesting if you get yourself to .


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