Overwhelmed by History

A trip to Boston is like a trip back into the very early founding stages of this great nation. This city, so rich in culture, is one stop that you will want to schedule plenty of time to take in. The city is respectful of its own historical significance and they proudly offer every opportunity for you to jump into history and the fascinating culture of this diverse community.

The very layout of Boston is a study in history. It is a city that is seemingly impossible to find your way around in. The roads twist and turn, and take on new routes as though they have minds of their own. The reason that Bostons streets are such a maze is that they reflect the days when the city was built around trails to accommodate farmers and merchants. So the roads were not laid out to be logical, they were made to be efficient for a people who lived there two ago. Today, travel around Boston can be as much fun as it is confusing as you see it as a challenge to try to learn the layout of this complex town.

Unlike many cities that exploit their natural attractions, you can absorb Bostons rich historical past for free or for the low cost of a shuttle that will take you around to the sights at your own pace. For starters, you can step out onto the street at many corners in downtown Boston and look down and find what they call . This is a two and a half mile walk marked clearly in red on the streets below that takes you by some of the great historical locations in the city.

To make your experience h more meaningful, pick up one of the many guides and that you can use to follow along the trail and re-learn your history of what happened at each location. It is almost impossible not to get goose bumps as you stand near or inside such historic locations as The , the location of the Boston Massacre, The and many more.

No trip to Boston would be complete hout taking some time out of the car to enjoy the out of doors in the huge park in the middle of everything known as the Boston Common. Just as h almost everything in Boston, there is a rich history to this park. It is the oldest public park in the USA. Its designation as a public park dates back to 1640. Boston Common was originally used by the British as a place where their troops could camp during the Revolutionary War. Today it is the jewel of this great city h the city hall on one side and running along the other taking you gracefully to your next location for .

There are numerous tour operations that give you from a lot to a little, h the price difference to match, to enhance your ability to appreciate the history of this great town. One of the best is the local shuttle of historic locations. For one low price you can get on and get off of the shuttle all day long, taking your time at the sights you really want to savor and moving along at your own pace. This is the perfect solution to renting a car and it gives you a wider range of things you can see than if you go by foot alone.

Of recent historic note, you may wish to give in to have a brew at that bar where everybody knows your name. The very popular TV show Cheers was based on a historic pub right off of the Boston Common itself. Now you will have to look for it. The name of the pub is not Cheers but The Bull and Finch. But when you see it from the street, you will immediately recognize the outer faade of the pub. It was used for the opening of the show.

Your trip to Boston will leave you h rich memories of this historic city. But more than that, it will fill you h pride and a renewed reverence for the amazing beginnings of this the greatest nation on earth, much of which here occurred right here in Boston, Massachusetts.

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