The Albuquerque Experience

Sometimes a wonderful sightseeing destination gets eclipsed by its neighbors. That is certainly true of the beautiful state of . With big and bold Texas to the east and the well traveled Colorado to the north, many people overlook as not only having the best of both of those locations but a very unique culture all its own.

is a state of many . You can find mountains that you can drive to the top of and enjoy snow in the middle of summer. But there are virtually adjacent to those locations that give you the tremendous diversity of setting that a desert state is capable of. So a driving tour of can be a delightful and fulfilling trip full of surprises and new experiences.

The pueblos of the Indian tribes that make their homes in tell a story of an ancient people who lived in a manner unlike anything you have ever seen. You can actually visit active pueblos where continue to live their native lives in the of their ancestors even though they are surrounded by the modern world. This is both fascinating and an outstanding for the children because where else can you experience first hand a culture completely unlike our own but thriving right here inside the borders of the ?

The big cities of are full of interesting sites that reflect the unique of this state. You will find it tempting to spend your at the many shops that sell unique crafts that use the local gems and the styles of . You will be able to appreciate how so many have been charmed by that Sante Fe Style of art and cuisine. Perhaps as you get a good exposure to how this architecture and came into being you will recognize the decorating style in restaurants or other public places in your own town. It is truly addictive and you will come away a convert as so many have in their trips to .

The food of is as unique as the people and the art. The first time you enjoy Wavos Chorizo for breakfast you will find your eyes watering as the hot Mexican style cooking wakes up your mouth with spices that take your taste buds by surprise. But dont be surprised when the next day you want a fresh batch along with recipes on how to prepare these taste treats for yourself.

To the north of Sante fe and Albuquerque are the majestic mountains of . It is a closely guarded secret that these mountains offer just as many opportunities for camping, hiking and even skiing as their cousins to the north but the crowds are not nearly as numerous and the prices not as out of control. A driving tour of those mountains perhaps even with a stop to enjoy some lodging in those hills will be as refreshing as any mountain top vacation you have had anywhere in the country.

is a beautiful land full of history and culture. Yes, you can head south to Los Alamos and see the location where the early tests of the Atomic Bomb were conducted. This may be both an educational and sobering visit in light of the effects of that research on mankind. But it is an important part of both American and world history that you will enjoy exposing yourself and your family to while in the area. But be careful not to ask them about Area 51, that mythological holding area for alien space craft that is supposedly kept somewhere in southern . That inquiry might not be popular in Los Alamos.

In all, your trip to can give you a chance to climb mountains, meet a unique and fascinating Native American people, enjoy, and buy, some terrific art works and enjoy one of the most beautiful states in the nation. Be sure to step out on your patio of your hotel at sunset, as is well known for having some of the most beautiful sunsets in the country. As you watch that breath taking sight you will be able to reflect on the amazing diversity and beauty of America as it is reflected in this, one of its most beautiful states.

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