The Greatest Beaches in the World

The that comes up when the family is voting on the next great vacation outing is, Should we go to the or the h? Well if you review all that America has to offer, it wont get much easier because we have some of the most exciting and the finest hes in the whole world right here in the USA.

Maybe world travelers can speak of the great hes of France or Europe but you dont have to fly over the ocean to be on some of the best hes that can be had this side of heaven. And it stands to reason America would posses some of the most extraordinary and sought after hes in the world. With an ocean on three sides of the country, the shores of Americas coast are literally thousands of miles long. So it isnt whether America has great hes but which one to pick that is really a question.

Sometimes we here on the forget that is just as much America as Iowa or . But has something very special to offer and that is the finest hes in the world for swimming, surfing or just laying on the sand soaking up the rays. The only problem with is that there is so much to do on the Islands and so much beauty everywhere you look that it is hard to take the time to really enjoy those hes for all their worth. But they deserve a big part of your vacation schedule so take advantage of these idyllic hes which you are enjoying your visit to the islands.

Just a short hop over the ocean to the and you can be on the hes of California which rival s and, in fact, any h in the US or around the world. California has such a long coastline that you can find almost every kind of h terrain you can think of traveling up and down Californias coast. Not only that, the colorful and eccentric is always a great people watching experience as you relax on those hes, especially on the well known hes of Los Angeles like Laguna or Venice h.

But you dont have to be left without h access if you live on the because the shorelines of New York, , , Cape Code and even Maine are just as scenic and picturesque as any the west coast have to offer. Even in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life in , there are wonderful hes nestled right in with the urban build up. Revere h, which lies just north of , is a hidden treasure. With its long sandy shoreline, it is the delight for many a youth looking for a romantic h or a place to just get in some good ocean fun.

We cannot end our discussion of great American hes without mentioning the phenomenal opportunities on both the east and west shores of Florida. The perfect pure white sands that is as soft as cotton can be found on the west banks of the peninsula that are so pristine that they compare with some of the great hes of Europe.

So if this summer sneaks up on your family and that battle of mountain or h rears its head, you know that you dont have to settle for the if the family has its heart set on some ocean side fun, some swimming, surfing, sailing and all the other great fun that can be had at one of Americas great hes. From the Midwest, you literally have all the hes we have discussed plus hundreds more that we will leave for you to get out there and discover. So get out those swim trunks and dust off that snorkeling mask. Americas top hes are calling for you.


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