Cannes Festival – Make it a Part of Your Luxury

Cannes Festival – Make it a Part of Your Luxury European Tour

If you decide to go on a luxury European tour to , don’t forget to drop by Cannes. Cannes is situated in the of particularly in the region. The city of Cannes is much known for the renowned celebration of the which more or less attracts several to flock into the place.

Cannes ranks second to Paris as among the that boasts of and is a neighbor to the latter, Nice, and Marseille. When it comes to the tourism industry, Cannes can never be left out. With the coasts as part of its pride, more and more people are driven to spend some time in the city.

What to Marvel at as You Tour Cannes

For the beach, sand, and sunshine lovers, here are some of the nice destinations that you can consider.

The Boulevard de la Croisette is one of the frequented coasts of Cannes because it provides the best avenue for the folks who love the sand, the beach, and the sun more than anything else in the whole wide world. Being a waterfront region, the Boulevard de la Croisette envelops a twelve kilometer phase which keeps a line of first rated cafes, shops, hotel, and diners to make the travelers at ease and very much entertained.

The is all the more enhanced by the palm trees surrounding the place. Moreover, another in the place is Iles de Lerins where the may opt to enjoy some of their favorite .

For the art enthusiasts, here are some of the perfect venues for you pay a visit to.

The Musee de la Castre is a place that safe keeps the impressionistic and samples. Included in the collections are the paintings, sculptures, and other decorative and stylish art works as made by the well known impressionistic artisans.

Meanwhile, for the shopping addict individuals, here is what Cannes has at stake for you.

Walking around the city of Cannes brings you to the numerous entertainment portals. Besides the satiating experience of feeling the breeze of Cannes, you can likewise splurge into some shopping galore at the famous boutiques, dine in at the popular , and enjoy club hopping at nighttime.

The Festivities for the Cannes Film Celebration

Sure enough, you are overly familiar with the celebration, isn’t it? The festivities when it comes to the time of honoring the films and the film makers can never be surpassed as it is done in Cannes.


is one of the exceptional film galas which particularly invites everyone to partake in the celebration. In the year 1946, the festival began in September 20 and halted in October 5. Ever since, the merriment in line with film making has been continuously celebrated. The festival aims to honor the great masterpieces of the Hollywood stars and of those from all over the globe.

With this really highlighted celebration, several directors, actors, actresses, and media people gather to witness the parade of exceptional movie collections. The “Palma de Oro” award is the most awaited. is more so regarded as the contemporaries of the Festivals held in Berlin, San Sebastian, Mar del Plata, and Venecia.

You see, you can almost enjoy your luxury European vacation to the fullest. Goodluck to your getaway endeavor!

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