Dream Greece Vacations and Weddings

Greece is known for being a romantic destination. The Greek islands is the ideal travel destination for a romantic , celebration, honeymoon, anniversary or weddings. From the awe-inspiring sunsets of Santorini to the peaceful opportunity to escape to a world where feelings blossom with ease.

A lot of couples have decided to tie the know in Greece. May people are choosing Greece as a because it offers some of the most magical and mystical views, with incredible festivals seemingly every and some of the worlds most while being reasonably priced.

But to get married in Greece there are some legalities that should be taken care of. Couples are required to present that have translated into Greek and that carry an apostille stamp.

Apostille stamp is the seal placed on documents that are used abroad. Letters of No Impediment, also sealed with an apostille stamp stating that both are free to legally marry. This would serve as the .

After finishing of the formalities and the technical aspects of the wedding, then the planning for the wedding and the actual ceremony starts. To make guided and well-informed decisions, then it would be better to hire a in Greece. Getting a local consultant, will help you decide on the locations and other aspects of the wedding.

s in Greece are pretty much affordable. There are many that handle all of the paperwork and offer packages for , , Gay Ceremonies as well as Greek Orthodox.

Locations are certainly breathtaking, since there are great places with extraordinary ocean views and amazing sunset. For those who are adventurous, then there are weddings that ca be performed in Mount Olympus and the isle

Perhaps, a bit more adventurous locale will best suit your and Mount Olympus an the isle of Cyprus could just be the prefect selection. Cyprus is the third largest isle in the Mediterranean and each year more and more couples are exchanging vows stop the isle’s highest peak, Mount Olympus. It is also the location of the of the annual festival to Aphrodite in the fall and one of the best times to mix festivals and merriment with your special day.

Another of the many Greek isle, Santorini is among the most popular venues for weddings. It is easy to comprehend why. What could be more mystical than exchanging vows in the shadow of a volcano overlooking the clear blue sea?

Other technical aspects or requirements of weddings are the following:

Bride and grooms passports and a photo copy of each passport. No apostille necessary and no translation necessary.

/Registration of Marriage from your City Hall.

Documents to be authenticated with the apostile: the apostille must be issued by the state/country where your document was issued.

Other important things to remember:

US citizens must ensure the states the name of the person who they wish to marry.

Couples who will remain in Santorini for less than 24 hours in total must obtain a and not a Single Status Letter.

If Divorce is in the event, then there should be a photocopy of it, no translation is needed.

Everybody dreams to have a unique and one of a kind wedding, then try it next time. Try your romantic, celebration of marriage and joys and exhaustion of a and wedding.


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