Rhodes Greece Vacation And Travel

Rhodes is one of the many islands that you can go to on your . Rhodes is one of the largest and most fertile of the Greek islands. It is also one of the most visited islands in Greece. Rhodes is not only known for its tourist resorts and splendid beaches but also for the various archaeological sites and found in the island.

The is composed of various places of interest. It is a in itself mainly because of its . Although most of the beaches in the island are covered by gravel instead of sand, still flock to the island because of the 300 and more days of sun that it enjoys.

The on the island is the city of Rhodes which is the biggest city on the island and the seat of the local government. Another area worth visiting would be Lindos, a picturesque village which is also a site of an ancient acropolis. Next to this village lies which is a small village that was once a fishing haven. The nearest tourist resort to Lindos is Pefkos, a small tourist town that was once just a cluster of farms and private residences that eventually grew over time.

For more action, may want to head out to Faliraki. This is where usually go to party and have fun and some exciting action while on the island. is one of the bigger villages on the island where the golf course of Rhodes is situated. For a more , can head out to traditional villages such as where Greek culture and tradition is still given importance.

Greek is the main language in the . But due to the influx of and foreign visitors, most of the inhabitants have learned to speak better English than in most parts of Greece as well as a bit of German. Communication with the locals is relatively easier especially in areas with the highest concentration of .

Getting to the is possible from the air or by sea. If by plane, the island can be reached by way of the Diagoras International Airport located on the west coast and 14 kilometers from the town of Rhodes. Regular flights are available from Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete. There are also chartered airlines that connect Rhodes from the other major cities in Europe. There are also ferries that travel regularly via Bodrum, Symi and Tilos. There are also cruise ships that dock at the Commercial Port located east of Old Town in the city of Rhodes.

The main means of getting around Rhodes on a is by bus. The island has a public bus network that operates throughout the island. The bus fare is relatively cheap and with stops that do not usually follow a time table. It is sometime okay to signal a bus driver by the road side if you wish to board or get off.

There are also taxis going around Rhodes that can take to the various parts of the island.

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