What to do on Your Greece Vacation

When you think that you have already got your fill of the fantastic and in Greece, there are a lot of things that you can do. Throughout the country, there are various sites to visit, beaches to swim, shops and museum to go to. A is what you need whether youre a sport bum or a museum enthusiast.

There are a lot of things to do while you are in Greece. There are some historic sites to visit in Athens. Athens have some of the most famous sights in Greece like Acropolis, National Archaeological Museum and the Benaki Musem. You can also visit the Kallimarmaron stadium where the ancient were held.

During summer, the beaches of Greece are on the top of the list. Beaches in Crete, Santorini and Mykonos offer the during summer season. The nightlife and beches in Greece are one of the top places in Europe.

Aside from swimming and soaking during summer, there is also the Hellenic Festival which is among the most popular and most significant events in Greece. It celebrates the , theatre, musical and dance. Here, you get to experience the recreation of in the heart of Athens.

Greek wine is steadily gaining popularity. On the island of Santorini, the volcanic- makes some of the unique tasting wines. On Crete, can be traced back in history to the Minoans. There are tours conducted in wineries, these tours enable you to experience the mountains and beaches of Crete.

Aside from wine tours, Greek cuisine is something that should not miss. There are restaurants and tavernas located in . They offer traditional Greek food and the famous ouzo.

Greece has eleven that are of international importance. Aside from this, there are also 190 important areas for birds. Several top places for birdwatch are the Nestos Deltas and Prespa Lakes. Some of the birds that can be encountered are eagles, storks, pelicans and herons. There are turtle doves, peregrine falcons, magpies, red-rumped swallows that can also be seen.

Most people dont think that its possible to ski in Greece, but it is possible! The season for skiing starts in December and ends in April. There are 14 ski areas of which Parnassos is the largest and most popular.

There are many options for tours in Greece. There are outdoor tours that can be arranged. Greece is a country with dramatic landscapes feturing soaring mountains and gorges. There can be bike tours on the island of Crete, rock climbing in Meteora or jeep tour in some of the unknown but magnificent gorges.

If you are not of the outdoorsy type, there is another tour that can be taken advantage of when you are in Greece. Taking a helicopter tour in Athens wull take you to a breathtaking view of the different landscapes.

Taking part in sport events in Greece create special feeling since you are playing in a place where Olympics started. There are marathons where you can participate. Or at least, try to run the route where Olympic athletes ran the last time they were in town.

Dont forget to do a good deed, even if you are in a vacation. There are a lot of volunteer causes that you can get involved wit, like environmental organization. For the young and funky spirits, there is a Rockwave Festival of music. Here, for three days, audiences can listen to heavy metal, rock and roll or good old fashioned dance music.

By balancing your time between educational and free-spirited activities that you can join, surely your would take a lifetime before you forget it.

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