You Can Enjoy a Greece Vacation by Sea

There are numerous islands to visit when you decide to have a . You wont be able to see all of them by land so to get from one island to the next you have to get there by sea.

Greece has more than 2,000 islands and islets. Only 169 of them are inhabited. Some of the best places include the , the Dodecanese, Ionian Water, the Sporades and the area. You can visit these by joining a tour company or hiring an independent .

But when you go on a , which is to better to get a yacht or a boat? You might think that the two are the same but they are not. The yacht is much bigger and it has cabins so you can eat, take a shower and get some rest. Boats are smaller so you cant spend the night here and you have to head back towards port.

If you plan to have an on board, by all means rent a yacht. These are available in various sizes and most of these can even accommodate even a large sized family. You can easily book one by booking for it online and getting referred to one by your .

But how much will a yacht cost so you can have a by the sea? The price varies and this is calculated based on the distance and the of the engine.

On average the price for two days is about 45 euro per booking to cover the yacht , cleaning and fuel. For a double cabin, you pay 1680 per person while a singles supplement is about 2100 euro. The singles supplement is different from a single cabin since it is smaller so it will only cost you 1100 euro. Lastly, a double cabin is about 1375 euro.

If money is no object, you can get a super luxury yacht that comes with its own crew. The price is about eight to euro a day which is equivalent to how much you will be paying if you are staying in one of the super .

So why book for a hotel on the island when most of the time, you will be visiting the various attractions in the other islands? Perhaps it will be better to stay on the boat if the prices are not that far apart so while you are resting, the yacht is able to move to the next island.

This just means that you can enjoy a by the sea. All you have to do is a yacht for a week or for as long as a month. In fact the local tourism industry is now doing a lot to promote this kind of leisure activity. Its a great experience which you dont do often when in most countries, you travel from one destination to another riding a car or a bus.

The Greek islands are a sight to behold given that there are hundreds of these spread out along the Mediterranean. You will surely get your moneys worth when you decide to spend a because there is no other place on earth that will ever come close to what you see here.

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