How To Avoid Car Rental Nightmares On A Mexico Vacation

How To Avoid Car Rental Nightmares On A

If you have ever rented a car in Los Angeles or Chicago or anywhere for that matter in the United States, you will easily understand that and can be commonplace with such a transaction. The idea of renting a car in another country, such as Mexico, might appear to be too daunting to deal with. Nevertheless, avoiding car rental nightmares while vacationing in Mexico can be quite easy as long as you are aware of several things.

It is advisable to rent from an international instead of relying on a local agency. This way works better from customer service and availability aspects. A local agency doesn’t have much incentive to treat well when they will probably never have the opportunity to use their service again and they may not have as much choice in . Also the large international agencies can set up your rental online or over the phone beforehand. Make sure to print a copy of the document that shows the name of the company, the make and model of the vehicle, and the price that you were quoted (in both dollars and pesos). If there is any in price or type of vehicle this should settle any arguments.

When you rent a car in Mexico the rental agency will want you to have a credit card. They will need to run the card twice, once for the rental and once as a precautionary measure for any that may occur to the vehicle while it is in your . Once you return the car and an inspection shows it is in it’s previous condition you should make sure to get the second blank charge slip returned or destroyed in your presence. If all you have is a debit card you will probably be charged a deposit, but there is a chance that such a transaction will limit your withdrawal on that card.

Do not accept a vehicle from a rental office unless it appears to be in . It won’t pay to take chances with a vehicle that may break down on a desolate piece of highway. In any case, rental agencies offer the same services in Mexico as they do in the U.S. such as roadside assistance and extra insurance for an additional fee. It is always advisable to take the extra insurance when renting in Mexico.

Renting a car and exploring Mexico at your own pace can be relaxing and liberating. It is relatively trouble-free and enjoyable as long as you know the best ways to avoid car rental nightmares. Rent from a known international company instead of a local company because a known brand will provide the best service and least . Protect yourself by being aware of what you are charged and how payments for services are remitted. And make sure you take the time to inspect your prospective rental vehicle to assure yourself that it is in excellent condition and reasonably clean. These are just a few tips that will help you to avoid having a car rental nightmare while on your .


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