Last Minute Train Travel Tips with Kids

Traveling by train is an adventure in itself but as with any adventure, it can come with certain . This time, the dangers come with the fact that youre . They may be your little , but they can also be little terrors in inappropriate environments. Here are a few tips to ensure that with your kids is fun but safe.

All the usual things you do when by car, plane, or even by ship still applies when youre traveling by train.

As always, start by making a list at least one week prior to your departure date. At this point, youre not yet feeling usual pressures and of traveling with your kids. Your mind is clearer and your calmer, allowing you to write a more accurate to-do list and other important travel for yourself.

Its best to have everything packed and ready at least two days before youre scheduled to leave. Double-check reservations for your vacation. Make sure your tickets and other are complete and ensconced safely within your hand-carry bag. Speaking of hand-, make sure that youve got the usual packing essentials in it as well.

When packing clothes, make sure you take note of clothes which are appropriate for your destination and those that you may have need of for long-distance . Pack pillows and blankets with you, too.

Last but not the least, make sure youve got enough with you! Trains cant unscheduled stops so if you suddenly lack for something, youll need to purchase something from the trains facilities.

This is especially important when youre by train. For one thing, they lack the to tolerate any discomfort. Thats why you need to purchase the best seats for them. Consider the amenities offered as well. Kids have low boredom thresholds so they need to be constantly entertained. If they havent anything to entertain your kids with, you need to have toys, books, and games with you to keep them occupied.

As mentioned earlier on, trains cant make unscheduled stops unless you have a full-blown emergency in your hand. Train sickness, diarrhea, headaches, and the likes dont qualify as an emergency but all these can still make your kid feel bad for a long, long time.

Be prepared for such instances. Painkillers are good as long as you observe proper dosage when dispensing them. Aspirins, tablets for constipation and other stomach problems, and a first-aid kit for any unwanted accident should be included in your hand-carry bag.

If your kid has a pre-existing medical condition like asthma or certain known allergies, be sure youre prepared for any attack brought about by his condition.

Naturally, bring medication for yourself. Taking good care of your kid is meritorious, but neglecting yourself can only backfire on your kids. With you sick, whos left to take care of them?

Finally, be sure that you know what kind of meal arrangement to expect while traveling by train. If your kid has special dietary requirements, you should consider calling the train company to inquire about the food before making any plans for your own.

Nevertheless, it wouldnt hurt to store food in your handcarry bag: treats to reward your kids, snacks to keep them occupied, and maybe a sandwich or something equally fulfilling when they get too tired or hungry.

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