Preparing for a Last Minute Holiday Travel

travel requires making whirlwind preparation. In such instances, youre liable to make mistakes but you can minimize them when you use the guide below.

Book online; book direct.
and other usual avenues for making vacation arrangements are probably closed during the holidays. Youre going to waste a lot of time if you insist on one thats stayed open while the rest of the world goes on holiday. To save on time, money, and effort, just book everything online. Brick and may close but websites are usually ready to serve 24/7. Better yet, why not call directly the hotel or youre interested in? Thats sure to get results!

Make advanced reservations.
Its if you assume something will be available during the holidays. These are, after all, the busiest time of the year. Burn the phone lines if you have to. Stay online 24/7 if necessary. Do whatevers required until youre able to secure a reservation.

Get stocked and stuffed.
Anticipate your needs. This is even more critical if youve booked a cabin, cottage, or any other type of accommodations that doesnt come with room service. Stock on food, medicine, cash, and the likes. Holidays mean a lot of closed signs hanging on doors but you shouldnt pin all your hopes on . Before leaving home, be sure that youve already raided all your cupboards and the if necessary.

Leave early.
Traffic is absolutely horrible during the holidays and thats an . Denying the truth wont help so its important for you to leave as early as you can. If you leave during peak hours, youll have to contend with impatient drivers and frantic .

Check transportation.
If you are going to drive to your destination, make sure you have a your car. Get a of gas to reduce the need for making unnecessary stops. Plan your routes carefully. Use your GPS or any other reference tool to determine the best routes. Determine the number of pit stops required for your travel and make sure you time each and every stage of your travel so that you wont find yourself taking a wrong turn in the wrong place at the wrong time. Surely youve seen enough slasher movies to know what happens when you make a wrong turn, dont you?

If youre going to rent a car for your last-minute travel plans, you need to choose a suitable vehicle for your vacation plan. A flashy sports car may make a great choice for weekend getaways and short trips but its not the perfect transportation mode if youre going to explore rough mountain routes or trek desert paths.

In any case, make sure to read terms and conditions before paying for your car rental. Be sure to verify insurance details of your rented car. This way, if something bad happens, youre not liable to pay.

Things can and will go wrong one way or another. Think about it. Even though youve planned everything to the last detail during your last vacation, something still ended up wrong. What more when youre having a last minute vacation?


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