Preparing for Last Minute Air Travel

by plane to your at the last minute can make you panicky enough to forget essentials. Use the tips to ensure that when you go away for vacation, youre not leaving trouble behind.

Double and triple check your passport. Make sure you have it with you at all times. Pack your passport together with your flight tickets, too. Last but not the least, if you are abroad, be sure you also have your with you.

Reservation and Other Vacation-Related Documents
When you make a reservation by phone, youre usually given a confirmation number and that can stand as of your reservation. But when you make a reservation online or you book for accommodations through a , youll usually get documented for your reservations. These reservations are important: they expedite the registration process and youll get to your room more quickly. Make sure youve got similar documented for car rental, admissions paid in advance, and other important vacation-related details.

Giving Information about Your Travel Plans
If youve prepared a travel itinerary, its best to share your plans with loved ones youll leave behind. In the event that something untoward happens to you, your loved ones could notify the necessary to verify your well-being.

Choose someone whos dependable and close to you to be your primary contact at home. Make sure you call him at regular so that everyone back home knows how youre faring abroad or out of town. Be sure to hand out your contact details whenever you change accommodations.

Last but not the least, you can also your travel plans with the . Its not really necessary, but better safe than sorry, dont you think?

Delegating Responsibilities
If you have your bills and other important documents mailed to your home, make sure you inform the to put all mail on hold while youre away. If not that then you can also have all mail forwarded to a neighbor or any other person you trust.

If youre going to be on vacation for a considerable period of time, make sure you also ask someone to check your house from time to time. Have someone to water the plants, clean the yard, and maybe temporarily adopt your pets while youre away.

Packing Dos and Donts
Pack light. Remember: every passenger is ascribed a certain weight quota for his baggage. If you go beyond this, youll have to pay extra. Make sure you label every piece of your luggage properly. Its always a hassle when your luggage ends up lost and misplaced. Bring clothing that you can mix and match and use repeatedly. Make sure the clothing you bring is also appropriate for the weather in your destination.

Off to the Airport!
Be at the airport at least two hours prior your flight departure time. This way, you wont be in any great hurry having your stuff stored properly and getting to your seat in comfort. Double-check your . Going through the same safety precautions repeatedly is tedious, yes, but again, its something you should do if you dont want to risk getting deported when you get to your destination.

Follow all these tips and when you return home, you can look forward to going home without having to suffer last-day-trouble.


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