Top 10 Last Minute Travel Destinations

This state is perfect to visit all-year round. With theme parks galore in Orlando alone, theres sure to be a place or two able to welcome last-minute travelers like you. While in Florida, you can also head off to Miami and enjoy its beaches and exciting nightlife. For more adventure, you can book a day trip to Key West and enjoy its exotic locale. In Key West, make sure you set aside a portion of your day for fishing and shopping.

If you need a last-minute destination during the fall, theres no better place to pick than the Coast. Its is famous worldwide and you can enjoy it for free just by walking around. The same beauty shall greet you whether youre traveling to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, or some other place in the coast.

Lovers will always have Paris at any time of the year. Sure, its crowded all the time, but you dont really notice things like that when youre in love, do you? In Paris, you immediately know a couple of well-known attractions to visit and activities to check out. Besides the ever-famous Eiffel Tower, theres also to check out. You know as well that its to give the street-lining a try for , to walk around and just enjoy the and appreciate the works of Bohemian artists.

New York
Another city you wont lack for excitement is the Big Apple. But beware, native New Yorkers dont like it when people refer to NYC as the Big Apple. Because its a city that never sleeps, youll always find something to see or do no matter what time you get there. Just be careful of pickpockets. Thats one authentic NYC experience you can certainly do without!

Like NYC, Nevada or Las Vegas in particular is a city that comes especially alive at night. If you think gambling is the only , think again. You can drop by at , for instance, at certain times in the evening and youll be treated by a special presentationfor free.

First stop: Hollywood. Walk around Beverly Hills, buy a map to know where the stars live, walk a couple of minutes more and you can spot a famous actor or two while shopping in any of the equally famous boutiques lining the streets. A food tour wont be amiss because Cali is a melting pot of various cultures! Youll see a Thai restaurant right next to a fine-dining French restaurant and a fastfood joint.

History buffs wanting to do some should immediately head to London. There, you can visit Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and lets not forget London Bridge, the ultimate star of nursery rhymes. If you have extra time, check out Thames Park this used to be the most fashionable place for nobility to see and be seen.

has nice tropical weather all year round. They may have stormy bouts once in a while, but the weather channel will easily let you know if visiting the islands now would be bad timing. In , you can enjoy luaus after frolicking in the beach.

Pyramids! Theres no need to think when you get to Egypt. You can also try riding a camel and visit the various museums found in Cairo.

Take advantage of the currently welcoming regime in China and see the secret wonders of this once-forbidden country. The language barrier could take a bit getting used to but the extremely cheap cost-of-living makes struggling with Mandarin worth every second.


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