Visiting Mexico While On A Cruise Ship

Going on vacation on a is still a very popular choice for many travelers. Quite a few s make embarkations in Mexico on both coasts. This type of vacation combines the luxury of a floating resort with excitement of exploring a different culture with day excursions. There are some great available for that range from swimming with dolphins to exploring . But, what considerations should be made when deciding on whether to take a to Mexico?

To begin with, as of January 1, 2008 all United States citizens will need to have a for any travel to an international destination, including Mexico. You will need to present your passport to your when checking in. Whenever you disembark for a shore excursion in Mexico you will need to show your passport as well.

Staying healthy on a has never been more important with the rash of and aboard several ships in recent years. Make sure you are in good health before you travel and ask your physician if you might need any preventative medication, especially if you are older than 65, have had acute or , or are pregnant. Good sanitary practices, such as frequent and the use of antibacterial soap, will also help reduce the risk of illness. If you begin to feel ill, inform the medical staff on board right away and avoid contact with the general population to lessen the risk of spreading a disease.

Packing light and leaving valuables at home are advised. Anything that you can’t afford to lose would be best placed in an in-room safe. Avoid bringing large amounts of cash or more than a couple of credit cards. On the ship, you can have most purchases charged to your room and once on shore, most purchases can be done with Pesos acquired from a . Also avoid using a handbag, , or outside pockets for your currency. If you need a larger amount of money consider using a money belt.

When you go ashore you should ask questions of your ships tourist counselor about any unsafe areas of the port of call that you should avoid. They will have suggestions for what to avoid as well as where the more common tourist areas are located. Staying close to those confines will help to keep you safe.

There are so many choices of companies, Mexican destinations, and to choose from. Making that choice should be the hardest part of your vacation experience, while keeping these tips in mind will make the rest of it easier. Vacationing on a combines a luxury hotel experience with ports of call that are hundreds of miles apart. Cruising can provide a safe and secure feeling of traveling in a guided fashion with the ability to range far a field and experience the culture and history of the country. Taking a to Mexico can give you a very satisfying vacation experience.


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