Last Minute Summer Travel Tips

Summer is getting away, but youre determined not to let spring come without first enjoying yourself under the sun. No matter how last minute your travel plans are, the tips below can guarantee that youll have a summer vacation to remember!

Start your travel plans by eliminating your most pressing worry and one that has the greatest impact on your plans. How much can you afford to spend for your last ?

Be aware that because youre planning at the last minute, discounts and other are usually entitled to wont be available to you. You may have to pay more and tolerate less than 5- because you havent made any advanced reservations.

To save on money, you should look for a destination that offers you lots of free attractions and activities to visit and do. If you are amenable to working with a , having them prepare all your travel plans could give you cheaper rates for a bundled package.

Choosing a Destination
Lets be realistic. If you pick on the usual summer favorites like , Florida, or , you need to be prepared to jostle with the every second of the day. Accommodations would also be difficult to obtain and even finding a good and affordable place to eat could also be a challenge.

Why not be adventurous for a change? Consider looking into secret or little-known summer getaways. like Colorado and Boston may seem like unlikely places to visit during the summer but with a little research, youll be surprised at the hidden gems of attractions they have to offer.

Another thing you should consider is what you can do when you finally get to your destination. Its best to look for a destination which can immediately offer you activities youre interested in. If youre a nature lover, for instance, you might be hard-pressed to find walks in the of New York. Likewise, urban might be intimidated by the rugged outdoors found in Montana or the swampy beauty of Louisiana.

Choosing Your Mode of Transportation
Determining how you travel can also make a huge difference with your plans.

If youre greatly worried about time constraints and youd like to make the most out of the last days of summer vacation, traveling by plane is the best option. Its also one of the more expensive options but if you stay away from the business or first class section then you can probably save a bit more funds for additional pocket money.

For those with adventurous spirits, traveling by car or using a rented RV is something you should consider. Traveling hours are longer, but you also get to enjoy beautiful scenery on the road, meet new friends pursuing a similar route, and discover new places of interest as you get nearer your destination. Make sure, however, you take all the safety precautions when traveling.

For a more leisurely and luxurious way of traveling, consider traveling by train or by taking a cruise to reach your destination.

Make a list. Yes, youre intelligent, youve a great memory, and youre organized but if you want to be sure about packing everything you need, make a list. Making one wont hurt. Find out weather conditions in your destination to ensure you bring appropriate clothing. Lastly, make sure youve got stuff for sun protection with you in your hand-carry bag.

Enjoy the last days of summer!


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