Orient Express TripsAn Extravagant Boost In European Tourism

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to be on one of the Orient Express trips?

A Little Discussion of its Past

The train was actually launched sometime in the year 1883. There was even an account of the which was written by no less that Agatha Christie. The author narrated a fateful ride that occurred between two of the train’s original end points. That was, Paris and . There were varied claims as to the of the writer’s account yet the story remained a mystery.

More than ever, the rich and the powerful individuals in the past made the train as their as they embarked on journeys. were then made possible and fast due to the Orient Express trips. Due to its being very luxurious indeed, obviously only the well-off people were able to afford the tickets to the train. Comfortable, secured, private, and fastestthese were the prominent that best described the trips on board the Orient Express train.

The Trips these Days

Nowadays, more and more means of travel have been unearthed. Yet, that doesn’t mean that the Orient Express has been forgotten. The legendary rail line continues to provide the but only once a year and now puts to use various trains on different routes. The train itself has survived two of the World Wars with the services suspended during the actual era of the fights. The political heads as well as the have changed and more routes have been opened but one thing is for certain. That is, the trip provided by the train remains as one of the highlights of . After quite the stir caused by the , people these days continue to remember that and opt to get an experience of the ride.

The train services currently cover 8 principal between the months of March and November. Travelling via the train provides ample experience for everyone to enjoy the scenery as well as the most exceptional wine and food being served on board. If you prefer a memorable train ride, trying the Orient Express is indeed one bright idea.

Ticket Affordability

The price of the ticket is basically affordable depending of course on the destination of your choice. You may also opt to stay at the hotels in Venice for a more wonderful experience in the heart of Europe.

If you are in search of practical package deals, here are some of those you can choose from.

The Imperial Journey. It includes 2 nights of stay in a Venice hotel, 2 nights of stay in Vienna, and 2 nights on board the train.

The Italian Variations. The package includes 3 nights of stay both in Florence and Venice plus 1 night on board the train.

The Splendours of Europe. This package makes available 2 nights of stay in Budapest and Venice plus 2 nights on the train.

So, for a planned vacation, make sure that you give yourself a chance to experience the awesome Orient Express trips!


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  1. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is an icon of a bygone era, of a time when travelling was undertaken for its own sake. The journey back then, and still is, an important part of the trip and not just a means to get to your destination. The cost of the Orient-Express still keeps it pretty exclusive, but still well worth the money for a once in a lifetime treat.

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