Orient Express TripsReliving The Legendary Ride

For those who have already read about the written by Agatha Christie, there is that you will obviously associate the Orient Express trips with it. Imagine being on board that famous train at the turn of the century. You will be wearing the same while traveling along with the political heads of the state, , and even the royalties. These people were the ones who were able to afford the at that time.

Alright so the Orient Express train has been an integral part of the European life which up to now continues to boost the continent’s tourism. And yes, only a few people are aware that the same train continually operates up to these days. Well, to make things clear, the authentic rail cars managed by the Wagons-Lits have been auctioned but someone took over and restored many of the original trains. To date, a lot other privately owned companies run the trains that capitalize on the popular name of the Orient Express.

A Quick Look Back to its Past

It has been 120 years back to history when the luxurious first maid its maiden voyage from its original end points, Paris to Istanbul. The very first train service got inaugurated in the year 1883 with the initial routes namely from Paris towards Giurgi which was situated on the , Romania, then through Strasbourg, Vienna, Budapest, then finally to .

The Orient Express trains maintained its operation until May 1977. Sad to say, the train’s final run was only made up of a scruffy sleeping coach plus the three day cars.

New Owner and New Look

There was one rail aficionado and businessman who thought of saving the business. He was James B. Sherwood who took the initiative to buy two during the auction held in Monte Carlo. Through the years, Sherwood shelled out cash amounting to more than $16 million or so for the purchases, locating, as well as restoring about 35 vintage , restaurant cars, and the likes.

It was on the 25th of May when finally a new look of the Orient Express train was embodied via the Venice Simplon Orient Express. Thus, the journey of another promising long running Orient Express trip was revived. Its maiden voyage ran from London to Venice.

These days, the Venice Simplon Orient Express provides another exhilarating ride to those who pay a visit to the . It runs on several routes that never fail to amaze and excite travelers of all ages. The trips are nonetheless the reflections of the conventional bygone era.

A visit to the most exciting European cities such as Budapest, Paris, Istanbul, London, Prague, Venice, Rome, and Vienna will be incomplete without trying the legendary train ride. In fact, tour packages are likewise provided by the company.

Nevertheless, the Orient Express trips perfectly suit travelers who are on their way to Europe in search for adventures. So, what are you waiting for?

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