All Aboard The 1920’s British Pullman

Ever imagined getting a very comfortable, luxurious and unique experience? Get your tickets now from the and hop aboard one of its very popular and well-loved carriages, the British Pullman! The British Pullman can accommodate 226 passengers at the most, with each carriage seating between 20 and 26 passengers. The passengers will be seated comfortably in small which can accommodate four people at maximum.

The Luxury and Comfort the British Pullman Brings

After hopping on board the British Pullman, passengers will easily get the feeling of luxurious comfort blended with elegance and style in a carriage. You may relax with the very softly , so comfortably cozy to sit on. Have some champagne and savor, make the best out of this romantic and exciting adventure!

The British Pullman, a Palace on Wheels

During the 1920’s and the 1930’s, the British Pullman was first thought of as ‘Palaces on Wheels’. George Mortimer Pullman, the man from whom the carriage was named after, made British Pullman an epitome of glory, elegance and gratification. By merely looking at the train’s interiors, passengers would know that each has been designed to elegance and perfection. If you look at its interiors, you will see that each is a manifestation of a unique and elaborate design, the and the gleaming and Deco works of art. Later on in 1882, Pullman Car Company gained dominance of travels in Britain and since.

The British Pullman Serving the

Would you believe it but most of the carriages before were regularly used by the specifically for shorter journeys! However, for much longer voyages, the royal family had an especially made train to bring them to various places. Some of the trains were actually even used as carriages to transport during the coronation of in 1953.

Story Behind the British Pullman Restoration

The classic British Pullman trains were restored in Cornforth, Lancashire. It was a major attempt to revive such very old and historical trains considering the very intricate engineering work it will require just to completely finish the interiors of the carriages. And so, it was in 1977 that James Sherwood got two sleeping trains from the and continued to search for some other 35 remarkable trains from museums around as well as from excellent private collections of some antique collectors.

And upon final restoration, the new British Pullman trains of were ran in April 1982 as part of the extraordinary run coming from London all the way to Brighton to open the Brighton Festival. And since then up to present, the British Pullman trains offer passengers the real meaning of a travel at its best! You will be guaranteed that anywhere you go inside the British Pullman carriage, you will find them all exceeding your standards.

From the restaurant cars, to the saloon and bar cars, as well as the observation car, passengers will surely get the most elegant and luxurious yet comfortable and enjoyable ever!


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  1. I’ve travelled a couple of times on the British Pullman and have to say that the carriages have been restored beautifully. The surroundings on board are now truly luxurious and the service and food are superb.

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