Discovering Australia’s Great Pacific Via Orient Express

What type of traveler are you? Are you in for the more exotic and by trains? Or you go for a not so laid back but wide-ranging ? Of course, no one would like a laid-back escapade especially after having planned the vacation for many months, and having paid a significant sum of money for the trip’s expenses. Try one of the most exciting and luxurious from the Orient Express, the Australia Great Pacific Orient Express. Discover more speckled of lush green, abounding and a very comfortable and luxurious wandering experience.

Traversing the Sydney-Brisbane-Cairns Route

Starting from Sydney and stopping along Brisbane before finally hitting it on with Cairns is the most liked itinerary of this railway. From Sydney, the passengers see all the way through the green Blue Mountain ranges seeing its forests from side to side. And upon exiting Sydney, passengers will get off to be toured in Hunter’s Valley, a popular place well-known for its vineyards. Also, the passengers will catch views of the splendid Eastern Coast’s country side. A splendid trip where you will breathtakingly adore the panoramic scenes of lush green, the rainforests, gleaming white beaches, the and most of all, the exotic wildlife.

And once you get back on the train, passengers will catch a view of the gleaming white beaches and bright of Brisbane. Then adore the striking beauty of the very green and mountains of the Queensland. Truly, one will be amazed upon beholding such exceptionally beautiful sites in Australia.


After passing through Queensland, passengers will make a stop at , to experience a great helicopter ride overlooking the most exciting spot in this journey, the Great Barrier Reef. Going to this spot is actually considered one of the greatest in the whole world. Seeing this amazing natural beauty while on board a helicopter soaring 80 kilometers from the shores, also called the Reefworld, is definitely a very memorable experience you will treasure in your lifetime! This is exclusively meant for the use of the Orient Express’ guests. Here, Orient Express passengers can do varied activities such as snorkeling, swimming, scuba-diving, or gazing at the marine life in the underwater observatory.

Going to the Macalister Mountains along Kuranda Scenic Railway

Traveling around the destination city which is Cairns, the carriage will then move through the mountains of Macalister which is along the Kuranda Scenic Railway. However, before making a stop at Kuranda City and its rain forest, the passengers will have to get off the train once again for another thrilling adventure. This is yet one of the best things in this train journey to Australia, a superb ride in the Skyrail cable car on the Kuranda Skyrail Rainforest Cableway.

This is actually the world’s longest cable car ride. And after this sky ride, passengers of Orient Express will again transfer to the next train station in Cairns, where this exhilarating rail expedition of a lifetime will draw to an end.

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