Discovering India’s Palace on Wheels Aboard Orient Express

Ever heard of India’s ? It is a renowned place in India that has always been described as an exotic adventure. What makes it an especially is the collection of mysteries abounding this very old land. So, if you haven’t attempted to go on a truly wonderful and exciting exotic adventure by trains, particularly the Orient Express, well, you must try in India. This voyage through India is considered to be really one of the most out of the ordinary rail tours in the world!

Learning the Rajasthan Culture

The lets the travelers explore the of this as well as learn and understand the Rajasthan culture which is evident with the textile decorations and adornments you will see while all aboard the carriages. This as well as the they designed displays the significant and spots linked with the Rajasthan culture. Even the cuisine of Rajasthan curries on board, you will surely enjoy!

This journey to takes seven nights and for the entire trip covering the cities of India’s , the , as well as Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaislmer and several other cities in India. Hop into the Orient Express and let their posh and luxurious carriages hurl you away to the mystique of India. At the same time, be pampered by very accommodating and courteous service staffs of the Orient Express making you feel like a of the .

Overnight Slumber at the Palace Wheels

Just after passengers get on the Orient Express on the first day. They are immediately hurled to where they are in for a sleep over at . It is such a great and exciting experience to acclimatize themselves to the lavish and out of the ordinary surroundings of their cubicles.

Day two of the journey is heading to Jaipur which is known to be the Maharajas’ land. Passengers will get off the train and tour the city going to a number of palaces including the Amber Fort where passengers get to experience riding an elephant. Passengers also get to see the City Palace, and other famous which make this trip a remarkably amazing one!

Day three, the Orient Express train will reach destination in Jaisalmer City, situated at the very heart of Thar Desert. It is where they will set forth for a tour to Jaisalmer Fort and have fun riding a camel’s back over some sand dunes. There will also be a repertoire of cultural programs to look forward to while staying at a nearby five-star hotel and after a while surrendering to the train to call it quits for the night.

And on the fourth day of this voyage, the Orient Express will take on the journey to the city of Jodhpur which is very unique due to its surroundings of very tall stone walls and seven gates. All these, as well as the seven castles where passengers can also visit Jaswant Thada and the Fort of Meherangarh are really exciting places to be.

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