Experience Romantic Orient Express Trips Via Day Tour Packages

Who would ever reject a moment of peace and quiet while at the same time making the most of the ? Who would ever take for granted the of the ? Who would not want to experience the luxury that the assures the passengers? Patterned from the original line that ceased its operation sometime in the year 1977, the revived legend is now being served by no other than Express through the efforts of the American-British and entrepreneur James B. . The Orient Express trips also basically serve day tours nowadays that couples can take.

A Wonderful Experience for Couples

Whether you are celebrating your anniversary as lovers, as newlyweds, or as partners who have been together for quite a while, you will always appreciate the day tour packages offered by the s. Sure enough, you will be among those who could attest that taking the trip is not very likely of the usual but one that is more of a cruise. For one, you get to stay comfortably in private sleep coaches, enjoy fine dining at the gourmet restaurant, and take a glance of nature’s beauty as you await the final stop to your destination.

In the past, the had been related to mystery and as well as luxury. Nowadays, the same holds true but with a promise that you will like everything about it. After all, the Orient Express trips have so much more to offer which other modes of transportation fall short of.

The Orient Express allows you to visit the key cities of namely Venice, Budapest, Paris, Vienna, , Rome, Istanbul, and London. Couples can actually rediscover things about themselves and learn to strengthen their bond all the more.

Day Tour Packages to Choose from

Here are some of the comprehensive day tour packages that you can enjoy while on board the . These trips are basically going to open doors for you to rediscover the classical age of luxury and take short breaks from the daily hustles and bustles of your lifestyle.

The “Dinner” from London. Enjoy spectacular evenings in London by dining at this popular place. Take note that reservations are needed because the place only accommodates up to sixty guests.

The Bath. Explore the age old Roman Baths in this historical city as you enjoy the finest food and wine.

The Hever Castle. Visit the childhood home of Anne Boleyn as set in the 13th century background. Marvel at the exemplary architecture as you go around the castle grounds.

Leeds Castle. Known as the loveliest castle in the world, the Leeds Castle located in Kent boasts of the Victorian style. Enjoy lunch with the best wine and champagne too.

The Folkestone Lunch and Tea. Enjoy the trip to the seaside town with an extravagant lunch and afternoon tea. Breathe in fresh air in the attractive resorts.

What are you waiting for? You see, the Orient Express trips are nonetheless a must-try!

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