Singapore-Thailand Tour via the Orient Express

If there is one thing in life that can never be bought nor traded for money, it is the “experience” of doing great things. Really, great experiences are tremendously delightful and shall forever be etched in one’s heart. I’m sure a lot of people know this that is why there are just so much of these luxurious trips availed by many people all over the world. Bookings in fly here left and right. Individuals, peer groups, couples and families all truly want to get an awesome and rewarding experience beyond doubt together with their loved ones! And there is no better way to do it than go Orient Express!

Orient Express has established itself as a very popular carrier of people who want to have a of the varying cultures of other countries, the people and their beautiful places. So, let Orient Express take you anywhere you go and get a taste of other countries’ customs and traditions aboard their luxuriously comfortable trains! Here are some of the most famous and most-loved where you may be brought to by Orient Express.

What could ever be more exciting than riding aboard a very posh train all the way from Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand? Usually, travelers would take flights instead of . But can also be very luxurious, comfortable and exciting with the of Orient Express! This is called the journey wherein travelers enjoy their 1,262 mile to Bangkok. The trip is divided into four days and three nights with two stopovers at and the so-called .

These stopovers are like excursions led by official tourist guides explaining the unique and beholding your sight! Get a of the while comfortably seated in the Orient Express. See , rivers, rice fields, and sometimes even water buffalos and elephants loitering.

The luxury train adventure brings you through the whole of South East Asia. After a luxurious stay of a few days in Singapore, you will then head to Bangkok, Thailand, Chiang Mai and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia aboard this high-class Orient Express luxury train.

The cubicle is an air-conditioned and stylishly furnished day room and converts into a very warm and comfortable bedroom for sleeping comfortably at night time. Experience the taste of their unique papaya juice courteously served to you before dinnertime.

Traverse along the Orient Express railroads bringing you to an unforgettably 1,200 miles of wonderful journey connecting the most astonishing and beautiful cities if the East! Take in the mystery and excitements this trip will bring to your life!


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  1. Orient Express have some great trains, and the Eastern & Oriental is one of my favourites. Unlike the VSOE, all cabins have private facilities and the accommodation is truly luxurious. With superb scenery to travel through, what more could you want?

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