The Northern Belle Carriage Experience

Experience the ride to Northern Belle carriage and see how it feels like to be pampered in a luxurious and unique train ride! Orient Express’ Northern Belle began its operations serving exciting and enjoyable in 2002. It is a sister train of the very successful coach during the 1920’s. While aboard it, passengers will witness finely laid tables with crisp spread so neatly, and the unique and classy silverware showcasing how luxurious and posh the carriage of Northern Belle is. The are beautifully decorated with lavish pieces of furniture. It is a true showcase of elegance and comfort in one fine carriage.

Stylish and Elegant Interiors

Each luxurious and comfortable bedroom offers a set of supple towels and crisp linen. Cabins can convert from a seating room to comfortably stay in during the day into a luxurious and to sleep at night.

While its interiors were made to look so stylish and elegant to look like a castle or stately home. Some items of and fabrics have especially been bought from some British traders to beautifully furnish the . Truly, the Northern Belle has been successful living up to its name ‘Belle’ taken from the Belle trains during 1930’s. Northern Belle have six in all with each name taken from ’s grand or the beautiful stately homes.

Equipped with Six Dining Cars

The Northern Belle luxury carriage has six dining cars to boast of, with each able to hold a maximum of 252 passengers. Though they may be six , each carriage or train can seat 42 passengers and set up tables either for two or for four. Also, each carriage is a very spacious car so guests can move around very freely, comfortably and therefore, enjoy this once in a to ride the Northern Belle of the 1920’s.

Northern Belle’s Inaugural Trip

The Northern Belle had its inaugural all the way from Liverpool Lime Street going to Belvoir Castle with around 252 guests invited from various places including from North England. Guests took pleasure in listening to live music topped with a bottle of champagne just before passengers arrive at the Belvoir Castle.

The Northern Belle leaves from locations all over UK. Take this once in a lifetime Orient Express experience that is guaranteed to be fun, exciting, unique and a learning experience for you about the cultures of various countries. Therefore, book your trip now and get that ticket to an exceptionally enjoyable experience of a train ride! Upon booking for reservations, the itineraries, programme and other details of the trip will be sent to you.

And when you get to the train station and hop aboard the Northern Belle, you will be served a sumptuous brunch matched with a bottle of champagne to prepare for your exciting and luxurious journey. And as soon as you reach your first stop, you will be given a city tour with a professional guide to assist you.

While for expeditions to the beautiful fortresses and the stately homes, the lush gardens and various shows are usually already included in the packages you choose. So grab your bags now, and book that ticket to a journey aboard the Northern Belle !


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