The Venice Simplon Orient Express Voyage

Take the tour to Venice and simply have fun exploring its cultures and riches while all aboard the Orient Express! Orient Express gives unmatched luxury and superior service what with its sumptuous gourmet cuisine, very courteous and personal service, fine displays of furniture portraying romance combined with world class service. For this reason, Orient Express remains popularly known as the best provider offering the finest and superior in the world. Really, there could be nothing more special and romantic than bringing a loved one to the early times of the 20th century. Ride in the Orient Express carriage and be hurled away to the Victorian Era where you will see the real beauty of traditional Europe!

Breath-taking Experiences Along the Countryside
Experience seeing a wide assortment of breath-taking and very while the train passes by the countryside vistas of , North Eastern Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein! And finally catching a glimpse of the spectacularly and out of this you will behold on your final stop and destination, Venice!

The well-known Venice Simplon-Orient-Express consists of 17 green divided into 11sleeping and . There are private cabins with each cabin having its own hand basin cabinet with available hot and cold water. The same cabin easily transforms into a very comfortable at nighttime. Really, the trains offer a most unique and astonishing traveling experience no other company can ever come parallel with! These, topped with excellent culinary repertoires and highly courteous attendants make the journey even more supreme than the other luxury trains around.

This thirty one-hour ride from London all the way to Venice is surely going to be wrapped up in one huge compilation of experiences! Pooled with romance, exploration and fashion, this overnight to Venice will begin in the city of London going down to Folkestone. This is where all traveler passengers will be transported to the English Channel by bus then transported into the actual Orient Express rail car where the travelers will be comfortably and luxuriously seated and entertained for the rest of the journey.

Starving or going hungry is the least you can expect while aboard the Orient Express trains. There are actually three restaurant cars, a bar car and two other service cars where you can splurge in different kinds of food. Enjoy the freshly arranged gourmet menu made by accomplished French chefs using the best ingredients ever.

Also, expect one service crew to be designated to you, as there should always be one for every traveler. Breakfast will be served in a dining car while mounting through the Alps. Eating breakfast in a beautifully decorated dining rail car while gazing at the beautiful alpine meadows, the scenic country villages and the grandiose Alps, there is nothing more you can ask for in such experience!

What is more, the rail cars are decorated with mahogany ornaments and radiantly lit with Lalique illumination making the experience much more elegant and exciting.


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